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Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders


Build an outstanding brand based on your authentic positioning and catapult your transformational business to market leader.


MG Conscious Branding process helps you to find the most authentic value of your services, so that you can position your business as a leader and stay on the edge of the evolution with your brand. 

Branding is a vital part of your business strategy and at best it is co-created with your clients desires. When your audience can see themselves as the hero of your brand, you make an instant connection and will be recognized as a sought after transformational leader.

A well designed, professional, attractive and consistent image, that speaks to your hero, will boost your sales, create trust and inspire your brand hero's journey.


Conscious Branding aligns your vision and mission into a coherent message and eloquently delivers the essence of your services in an irresistible way for your clients. 

We want your clients to be proud for choosing your services.

What Makes MG Conscious Branding
Different Than Anything Else Around Here?​

In the conscious branding process we are going to connect with the awareness of your business and start a new co-creative and magical relationship with your business.

We will align your business strategy with your magical vortex of creation and become of allowance for your vision to emerge and be birthed into tangible forms.

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Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders

This process will give you magical tools for allowing your ideal clients and contributors to find you with ease and joy, without the hard work or trying.  

Because, if it's not fun, there is no point in doing it. We came here to enjoy every moment of our lives, to create our personal heaven on earth, just the way we like it.


We cannot ever help someone else to find their joy, but we can be the space of joy that will automatically uplift everything around us and inspire others to transform and expand into their own joy. 

MG Branding

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Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders



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Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders


My working method and team is flexible and always based on my clients needs.


Kati Kelo – I help you to find your most potent business and marketing ideas and design your successful brand. Together we design your brand manual and visual elements, that can be then applied to required products. 


Scott Whitehead – Scott is a master in assigning the designs into fluently functioning online applications and platforms of your needs.


We have been working together with Scott in many projects and we can guarantee you'll get your transformational business online and working with ease.

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Magical Creation Blog


In Magical Creation Blog I share my thoughts and insights mostly inspired by my everyday life experiences. 

I go with the flow when it comes to writing. Sometimes there seem to be many things that want to come through me in writing and sometimes life expresses itself through my art and painting. 

Magical Goddess Magazine

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Magical Goddess magazine is a timeless global transformational & empowering magazine, designed to expand our consciousness.


Magical Goddess magazine introduces you to powerful and diverse thought leaders, healers and the changemakers of the new world. 

Do You Want To Contribute?


Magical Goddess has exciting new opportunities for you coming up. If you want to share your unique magic with the world, you are welcomed to join awakening the earth mission. Please send us an email and let's talk about the possibilities.