For  The Joy of Business 

You cannot become a leader in someone else's reality. 



EmergE into the unique purpose of your business

MAGICAL GODDESS Conscious Branding process is a unique method designed to uncover and express the authentic purpose of your business in a way that creates long-term sustainable growth of your business.

You being the magic and contribution only
you can be in the world with your business.

Conscious Branding is a mindful approach to branding, seeking to connect your unique mission, business and brand with the core transformational journey of your client. Positioning you as a compassionate leader of the new world.

Positively engaging, inspiring, educating and serving the needs of your customers. You being the change you came here to be, with ease, joy and glory.

Be The Change



The FIRST STEP TO uncovering 

your most potent MAGICAL BRAND

The first step in your branding project at Magical Goddess, is your Magical Brand Discovery Session.

In your Magical Brand Discovery Session, we'll learn about your business, your goals and objectives, ideal customers, current positioning, and what is required for you to show up as an authentic and successful business leader.


Your Discovery Session gives us a great insight into your unique business and sets the magic of your business in motion.

For  The Joy of Business 

For me designing a brand is very much like the transformation process of a butterfly, the actual work happens inside the chrysalis from which the exquisite butterfly emerges. 





What Clients Say


Derek Rydall

Best-Selling Author of Emergence and The Abundance Project

Kati has the consciousness to understand what really impacts people, and the intuition to tap into the deeper resonance of your client and your ideal tribe, and all the skills of a great designer -- combined in one.


She has the ability to create beautiful designs that not only changes the brand in a powerful, high-level way, but also carry a resonance that will more deeply connect with their ideal clients.


Joanne Laulach

Children's Book Author,  Nutritionist and Yoga teacher.

Kati has absolutely worked her magic.

I started writing my children's book 4 years ago, in the last year I spent a lot of energy putting it together ready for launch time. In the 12 months I had come up with a lot challenges trying to get it across the line, the colors and layout delivered to me by my publishing company was not exactly how I imagined my book and I was very disappointed by the way it had been delivered. I came across a few obstacles as you do when you are following your path.

Not really feeling as though the book was flowing at that stage of the process, I was trying to source an external graphic designer to work with who I connected with and understood my vision. 

From the moment I spoke to Kati I knew my baby (my book) was in good hands. She took the project on board as though it was her own. I shared my story with Kati and she expressed her ideas with me and why her ideas were, surrounding the concept and message I wanted to get across to my audience. 7 days later my book was transformed and delivered to me without any fuss. A whole turn around and complete satisfaction. As I am fussy about my book, its my baby and Kati was patient through it all, the back and forth adjustments and editing was handled perfectly she was patient through it all.

Kati is a creative and light hearted soul. All her feedback was coming from a space of authenticity and understanding of children as she has children herself. I loved working with Kati and look forward to do more work with her in the future.

For  The Joy of Business