What is Magical 


Are you a coach, healer or a transformational teacher struggling to find your clients and get your business off the ground to the level that you desire? 


Have you sometimes began to doubt your chosen path or feeling like giving up all together. “Maybe this is not what I’m meant to be doing with my life?” 


I hear you and I know how that feels and I can tell that there is nothing wrong with you, and there is nothing wrong with your work or the business courses that you may have taken either.

You may be struggling, because you are trying to make it in someone else's reality with someone else's rules.

The real reason behind our seeming failures or procrastination is actually mostly about us having to land in a new environment for us, that of business and it often comes with a lot of unconscious baggage and resistance.

We are trying to create success from our past limiting conditioning, beliefs, decisions, conflicting values, projections and judgements and then end up wondering why something that works for others doesn't work for me?

Sometimes our beliefs and conditioning can stop us from ever even beginning. We rather stay “safe” in our unfulfilling day jobs, and keep on dreaming of that “one day”, when we have enough something, we can finally go for it.

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The impossible becomes possible, once we embody the knowing, that we are infinite beings with infinite choices. There really is no one else making choices for us.

But it isn’t about the things you think you need. It isn’t about the things that you think you are lacking. Because we are infinite beings and we have infinite resources available in any moment. 


We just have to know what we want first and then choose it. That “one day” we are waiting for will never come, if we don’t choose it first.  If we want to create a successful business we have to choose it first. 


Now, you may think that you have chosen it, but unconsciously you are sabotaging your hard efforts with the lies that you have bought true about yourself or about the world around you. 

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself right now: 


How many thoughts, beliefs, ideas, projections, judgements and expectations do you have about having a business that keep you from creating it or succeeding with it?


What comes into your awareness?


What limiting beliefs about business have you bought as true for you? 


Have you bought the beliefs true about running a business being an exhausting job, stealing away all the spare time, joy and fun from your life? 


Has it already been like that for you?

How many doubts and fears do you have about success, receiving money, clients, or really showing up with your business?

Do you feel like you are not ready, don't know enough or be good enough?


Do you feel like you have to become someone else, that you are not, in order to become a successful business owner?


How much have you actually tried already to become that someone else?

How much are you trying to fit in with your life or with your business? 

You may also ask yourself; 

“Truth, am I energetically open to receiving all that I desire?”

Truth, can we ever create the life that we desire in someone else’s reality?

When we soulpreneurs are in the beginning of the business building journey, we often begin to lose ourselves in the process. We feel like we have to become something that we are not and get very serious in order to make it in the “real world.”


We believe we have to fit in to the rules of this reality with our being and with our business or we won’t be successful.


We get a whole lot of new “have to do’s”, “should do’s” and what “not to do’s”and “have to be’s” and may find ourselves struggling even more than before. 

What else truly is possible for you and your business?

There are countless business coaches telling us the "right ways" to do things. How we "should" sell, package and market our services. What we "should" say, and do and somehow it all sounds very far from that loving inspiring space we want to create with our work.  


In comparison to our highest vision and our dreams of having a real transformational impact in the world, all the marketing jargon and sales things sound very complicated, cold, boring and perhaps even intimidating.


​Within we know that something else is possible.


It can be frustrating to know, that we can create miracles for people with our work, yet there seems to be a huge gap between finding and connecting with those people who we can really serve.

I'm here to tell you that there is a magical way you can bridge that gap and create your soulbusiness, or a whole empire with a lot more ease, joy and glory. 


We just have to let go of our limiting beliefs and open up to creating our businesses in a new way and in a way that works for us. Not in a way that someone else tells us, but being completely totally authentically honest with ourselves and with the intention of our true calling. 


It means that you begin to create your business in harmony with the one infinite consciousness that everything in the whole Universe is a part of. In harmony with your purpose, mission and calling, with the service you came here to provide.  

Magical business creation is about creating your business in the same way as you would create anything else in your life with magic. With no separation, no judgement, no points of views. Surrendering to the greater life that is willing to express and expand, naturally and effortlessly through you and your business. 

You may have never thought, that your business actually is an entity on it's own, just like everything we create. Think of the children we may have given birth to. They are not a part of us, but came through us to become beings with their own free will, dreams and a purpose. We can only offer them what we have learned gifting them the best possible start for their lives and assist them, each of us with the best of our abilities, and with our loving care.


Eventually, most of our kids will grow up and figure out what works for them and what doesn't, and on the way there they gain all the knowing and all the skills and including all the trouble they require for leading empowered and independent lives as adults.


We all have a whole blueprint of our lives designed to the tiniest detail, so that we can in our own turn serve the whole to our fullest potential according to our divine will.


That same goes for our businesses.

Our business already has the blueprint of it's most ever expansive potential present right now. That is so, even if your business would only be a passing wonder or a dream of the future. It is here to serve the whole and it already has the innate knowing who, what, where and how it can serve the best.


In the infinite field of possibilities everything already exists. So it really is just a matter of us tuning into the soul of our soulbusiness. Us connecting with that potential that already exists, embodying it and giving birth to it in another form of energy. It is far from the past, where people have been trying to make their businesses their slaves or making themselves the slaves of their businesses. 

Our business is not about us, but about those who it is here to serve.


Creating a successful business is all about us building our services with and for those people we can serve the most with our unique gifts. It is also about building a safe bridge, which allows those people to find us and confidently cross over. 


The mistake we often make in business creation is, that we identify ourselves with our business and when we are wanting to bring out our most authentic and vulnerable soul creations it can be even harder to not to make it about us. This usually leads us into having a lot of fears about showing up and taking our failures or successes personally and emotionally.


It causes us to run our business with the emotional dramas of our lives, resulting in all kinds of cycles of procrastination. Which all takes us further away from being the channel of the infinite power that is willing to be born and expressed through us and through our services.

It also leads us wanting to pour all of our soul and heart into our offerings, when as an entity of its own our business knows what parts of our gifts can actually serve some people and what can serve others. It is about finding the balance and co-creation with our business and clients.


When we don't have that harmonious relationship with the greater intention for all, our offers fail to reach the people we actually could serve.

All those superpowers, the gifts of you, that are seeking to express, contribute and have a great impact in the world stay locked away or are forced to seek another channel for expression.


Many of us are afraid of committing to "one" thing, because that is what we often are told to do. But it feels contracting for many of us renaissance creator beings, because there are so many things we want to create and offer.

But we can also ask, what else is possible? Through an effective branding and segmentation of our business we can grow beyond our fears of commitment, and on the way we may discover the thing that we actually enjoy the most and want to focus on.

When we function from the infinite possibilities, from the unity consciousness of oneness, specially with our business, we start to witness the magic of business creation.

Everything we could ever need for being an even greater service will be given to us as if by magic. We meet the right people, find ourselves in the right places on the right time and things flow with ease.  

There is no competition in oneness. We all are infinite beings with the same abilities to create our lives by our choices. There is no one who could be less or more than you in your Universe, because you are the creator of your perception of this reality.


There is nothing outside of you who can choose anything for you. To change things we just have to become aware of the choices we have made and are continuously making. 


Being magic with your business doesn't mean that the things you desire just magically appear for you, even when that does happen often as you become aware of how to create with magic. It doesn't mean that you don't need to work for it and sometimes work very hard for it.


Magic happens in action and taking magical actions means that it just becomes easier, because you do the "right things" in the "right ways" and in the "right time", in the "right places" with the "right people".


We can't expect different results by doing the same thing over and over again or doing more of the same thing.


Being magic with your business means that you are open to unknown, willing to shift and change at any moment a greater potential is showing up. It means that you learn to trust your guidance, inner awareness and instincts. It means that the hard work you do, is actually enjoyable for you.


It means that you are inspired by your true mission to an extent that it carries you through all seeming obstacles. And most of all, it means that you know that you are not alone, but the whole Universe is willing to contribute to you and to your business and to the greater expansion of all. 

One thing I would like you to think about, is that we often try to create our business as our source, and in many cases, the one and only source of our income. But our business or anything or anyone else outside of us is never the source of anything in our lives, weather it is money, love, relationships, clients, opportunities or the circumstances of our lives. Our infinite being is.


It has a huge impact in our lives and in the creation of our business when we realize, that whenever we make anything else our source or greater than our infinite being and the oneness of all, we always give our power away and limit our infinite choices.

When you get to that space in your life and with your business where your actions, thoughts, energy, space and consciousness are all working in harmony with the one source of all creation, you become unstoppable force of transformation for all.

Then all things, clients, people and the abundance that you have been desiring begins to flow to you effortlessly as a by product of your love and contribution.

In its essence magical business creation is just about following that natural flow of the ever expansive nature of all life, letting go of our ego's points of views and limitations. Surrendering to that innate kindness and grace of our infinite being and the one life, that is working for all of us. Allowing it to be birthed through us and our business, in the most authentic way, serving the highest good of all. 

I have a question for you now:

Are you ready to create your business with more magic and ease?

Are you willing to stop creating your business from your fears, stress and anxiety, from other people's points of views, and start embodying a new more authentic and joyful way of living and doing your business?

What we put out there is what we get in return. When we create our businesses from a desperate space of stress, need or lack, we only create more of that stress, lack and need. When we create our business in harmony with the magical principles of the Universe we create more magic for all.


There really is no point in doing it unless it is fun for you. 


If you are ready to expand your consciousness and know more about the magical business creation, you can book a private consultation with me and we can talk about how you can be more magic with your business, and how I could possibly help you on the process. 

Here is one of my favorite feedback from a former client:

"You gave me more insights about my business in one coaching session, than I have gotten in years from any other "regular" business coach. And I have been in my business for decades and seen many business coaches. I feel so much more confident moving forward with my business now." – Päivi –  

So if you are ready to see what else truly is possible for you, please book your, completely FREE session, now from here:

Can't wait to meet you and hear about your magic in person!

Love, Kati


A little about me: 

For the past ten years I have fully dedicated my life into discovering the secrets of magical creation and what my own authentic mission of this lifetime is. I have learned from the great masters and truly experienced how we are 100% responsible for all that is showing up in our reality, and most importantly how it is all working for us, even when it doesn't appear to be so. 


My big mission is to be the space of most potent expansion for the awakened freedom and consciousness of humanity.


My mission has many channels of expression and one of them is to facilitate people like you to reach your own personal freedom and your most potent contribution in your life and with your business for the benefit of all. So that you can thrive and be comfortable in your life, have all your needs met abundantly, whilst doing what you love doing.


I drive to see you, one day, being the space of pure joy gratitude for everything in your life. That is when we know that we have arrived to our true home within, where we find that deep space of belonging, meaning and self-love, that so many of us are looking for form the outside world. Fully living and creating from that space is how we connect to the infinite inexhaustible abundance of our being and life.

I have lived through every step and side step on my journey. Been through a many dark and hard patches and initiations. So wherever you may be on your journey, I'm totally with you. 


Believe me, I know what it is like. It has taken me years to come into terms accepting the fact that I'm a "business coach" and that I'm actually at my best helping other people to create their magical businesses. I had so much resistance and beliefs about just with the word business, even after having had my own business for years.


Life is a never ending work in progress. We are constantly changing and expanding to new levels of consciousness. It never stops and each time we outgrow the past we have to let go of some of the old. Sometimes there is a lot of pain and sometimes there is just pure joy as we move on and things shift and change.


Awakening to the unity consciousness and expanded awareness with business creation have been the major turning points for me on this journey. 


I want to help people to create their successful soul businesses, because I think that all of us deserve to have the freedom to choose where to be, what to do and create with our lives. Having your own enjoyable business gives you the freedom to truly be the boss of your own time, joy and abundance.


But life is not only about our work or business. I look at it this way, at it's best it is about our whole lives being our business. When we are just honestly being ourselves, contributing and doing what we love, with the people we love, at all times, and having all of our needs and desires met abundantly.


Creating a joyful business is not about just the business, but a lot about creating a new happier lifestyle that goes with it.


In my "formal" career I have been a graphic designer and a branding expert. I was doing ok, but I felt somehow empty as there was a deeper meaning missing in it for me. I still very much love doing all those things and it is a part of my service for you too, only now I'm coming from a deeper more meaningful and expanded space of my mission.


I want you to be able to confidently share your magic with the world. I want to see you to be free to be you and for you to have life that you choose for you.


If all the people would find their personal freedom to create a life of their dreams, we would simply be living in heaven on earth. It is possible for each of us to create our own personal heaven right here, right now, wherever we are.


What would that be for you? 


Book your free session now and let's talk about what it could be for you!







See you on the more magical side, Kati