Kati Kelo

Certified Life/Business Coach, Spiritual Mentor,

Intuitive Healer, Facilitator of Magical Creation

If you had a magic wand, what would be the one thing you would gift to yourself, that you haven't yet allowed yourself to receive? 

The level of our happiness is not measured by how successful we are in our careers, by our worldly achievements or possessions. True happiness and the joy of life is build on the inner foundations of our true being.

Everyone of us goes through rough patches of life, regardless of where we are or who we are. There are times we all need more support, more love and someone to be there, just for us, totally unconditionally present. Holding the space for our healing and expansion. Guiding us back to the true potential of our being, back to our own unshakable power.

We can truly have it all

We can be successful, powerful and have loving harmonious relationships. 
We can have our freedom and peace of mind with ease, joy and glory.
We can have our fame and fortune and stand joyfully balanced in our truth.
We can be unshakable and safe regardless of the changing circumstances.

We can create "BIG" and even more without stress or burnout.

To get to the space of our true freedom takes time and commitment.

But it can be easier and more fun than we could ever even imagine.
It can be totally magical, if we are willing to open our hearts to something new, something different. Welcome the unknown and begin living our lives from the awakened space of our being in a continuous quest of magic. 


It is my greatest calling to be of assistance for your awakening
to your limitless potential, freedom and happiness on all levels.


So that you can truly be the gift you came here to be

with ease, joy and glory!





What else truly is possible for you?

Create  a Life  of Divine Flow

Awaken to your limitless potential, freedom and happiness on all levels.


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Once we connect and align with the divine flow of our being, life begins to flow trough us, as us and we begin to know true richness, joy and abundance of the one love we all are parts of.