– Inifinity Healing –

Infinity Healing connects you with the infinite love, healing power and awareness of the Source-God-Universe and your higher Self infinitely working for your highest good. Infinity Healing allows you to release your blocks from the root causes of the them, clearing limiting beliefs, emotions, fears, self sabotage, trauma, abuse and inner child wounds. It clears all the patterns you no longer need, that come from parents, ancestors, past lives, karma and your environment. Infinity Healing transmutes and replaces your blocks with what is for your highest good, so that you can be your infinite self. The healing will continue to do it's work for you after the session for as long as it is needed.

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The infinity healing with Kati was amazing! She totally got to the core of some of the biggest issues in my life. Already during the session I could feel huge liberation, and it has been going on since then. The session brought tears to my eyes and a smile on my face. I felt very relaxed, and infinitely loved and supported. There were also feelings of lightness, softness and bubbly joy. After the session I was floating on some clouds, laughing out loud alone. The things we worked on have been unravelling since then, layers peeling off creating more space. I have also been feeling more powerful and free, and I have been able to create more in my life.

– Satu Lindgren



During our session together we covered the topic of my self worth and it's impact in my private practice. Kati was very intuitive to my needs and helped me discover that my self worth or lack of -stemmed from Father issues. During the treatment I did not feel any physical effects on my body – I very rearly do! However, that night I had the best sleep I have experienced for many years. Added to this, the anxiety I constantly felt in my stomach with regards to visiting my Father this weekend has disappeared.


In one session, Kati's work has healed many years of self doubt and deep wounds. She is amazing.

– Rosanna Francis

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