How Can I Help You?

I'm Kati Kelo, the founder and editor of the global women empowerment magazine Magical Goddess. I'm a certified Business & Life Coach, Intuitive Healer, Access Consciousness BARS Facilitator, Transformational Writer and a Branding Specialist with over two decades of experience in building successful business concepts and images.

Where are you on your Magical Goddess Path?

Are you a Rebel without a cause, seeking for your place in the world, your purpose and your authentic voice and vision? The deeper meaning of your life?


Are you a Sage wanting create your courses and online programs to reach more people with your valuable messages? 


Are you an Empress, ready to build your own magical empire?

Are you a Queen looking for a new dress for the ball?

Wherever you are on your journey I can help you to live your authentic magic and awaken that empowered woman, the Goddess within so that you can create your freedom, love, abundance and a fulfilling career or a business from your heart's calling, in your unique way.

If you feel like you don't fit in with your life or with your business, don't worry, it just means you are on your mission.


You are the difference this world requires right now, wherever you are. And I'm here to tell you that anything is possible if we so choose. I witness the magic of life everyday, so I have absolutely no doubts anymore.


What I don't have, I have not yet chosen for me. Because everything I do choose in my heart happens pretty instantly and it feels crazy amazing, at times I have to really pinch myself. Is this for real?

Is it time for you to find your authentic voice, your vision and start playing a bigger game? 


Are you ready to play with magical creation? 


You are capable for so much more than you even know right now. I see my clients as powerful leaders of the new world. Your life is your business and the purpose of it all is your joy. What would your life be like if you loved everything about it?


We are infinitely powerful creators of our lives.


Love, Kati


One more thing...


When we are called to our mission and as we step into the path of expansion, everything that stops us can come up even with more intensity, and we might start to doubt ourselves and even give up. Those are the places you need someone to hold your hand and help you through. I'm here for you holding the space for you, because your life matters.

If you would like to know more about how I could help you and have a chat with me in person. I'm inviting you to book a complimentary empowerment session with me so we can talk about what else could be possible for you and your business?