I'm here to guide those women who are willing to step into their autenthic being and surrender to their own divine flow. Those of us who are seeking sustainable happiness and deeply satisfying, and meaningful way of life. Those who already know, that the real measure of their success is to be found in the gratitude, joy and love they feel in their daily lives. The Goddess, is within all of us, and she is the only one who can liberate herself, into the fullness of magic she really is. I'm here to help you to connect with your divine light and discover that you really can and will create a life, you truly love with all of your being and be of highest service to yourself and your whole universe.





My Goddess Journey


If anyone had told me a year ago, that one day I would be calling my self a Goddess, I would’ve laughed at them. I thought, I was the least Goddess like person, I’ve ever known. Specially with all my issues of abandonment, victimhood, abusive relationships, total fear of people, a very low self esteem, and a deep feeling of somehow being ugly, bad and worthless. But, here I am.


My Goddess journey began about a year ago, in a very painful moment of my life when I was loosing everything, my relationship, my business and my hope.
I was alone with my four year old child, I had no idea where to go and what to do? As I was lying on my bed, after shedding of about a million tears, I had a passing innocent wonder; I wonder what it would be like to be a real Goddess, like Mother Earth?


And oh my God(dess), it’s been a year of adventure, with deeply rich birthing pains and equally blissful moments of total ecstasy. I had no idea, what it really meant, being a Goddess. Now, I do. I've had deep healings of my past, Kundalini awakening, balancing of the divine feminine and masculine aspects. Connecting with the primal forces of creation, goddesses, archetypes and spirit animals, amongst many other things. I've been guided to find guides, that have thought me truths and new ways of being.


I've found my passion and purpose, my inspiration and creativity, many ways to express my gifts and talents. I found the blessings of my pains and the gifts of my past misery. I learned to live in the now, in the flow, where everything seems to be falling into place, like magic. Most of all, I learned to love myself, and see the truth behind the occasional pains and troubles.


I've come to a point, where I really want to share everything I've been gifted with other women. Together we can become the change agents of our own lives and create the new world based on equality, harmony and divine love. Life can be joyful, easy and magical flow of love and abundance. You just have to be willing to receive it, and most importantly you need to be willing to receive everything that you truly are. 


Love, Kati









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