Live Your Magic – Be the Change

Create Magical Transformational Programs That Sell

Many business owners struggle to get clients in the beginning of the journey and many are still working in their day jobs on the side. Are you one of them?

Is there an easier way, you may wonder?

What every successful business leader will tell you, that the way to generating real wealth is about investing and creating assets. You may be aware that the most influential business owners in the world have risen out of nothing into incredible wealth. 

How did they begin?


By monetizing the greatest asset anyone can have, their knowledge and unique understanding of something. 

That is something all of us can do to begin our journey to greater wealth, by monetizing the greatest asset available to us right now. 

The best news is, that you already have the full use of the greatest asset available for you.

You already have the special knowing and understanding you are wanting to give to your clients. It is just a matter of organizing what you know into specific and sellable products.

E-learning is one of the fastest growing industry in the world.

We can take an online course practically on anything, and that is what billions of people are doing every day.

The market is huge and offers an amazing opportunity to create sustainable passive income for all the people working on transformational business.


However, with the huge market comes the challenge, how to stand out and reach those people we can serve better than someone else?

The key to success in a crowded market is to be very specific with what you are selling, to whom you are selling and how you are selling it.

These days people are buying bits of relevant information for the needs of the moment in hand. It may not be relevant tomorrow. But there is always another person who has that same problem and a need in one moment of their lives. 

Finding those needs and being able to answer to them in a precise, unique and understandable way, that actually works and gives results, is what makes all the difference.

A very common problem specially for soulpreneurs is to fail to connect with the people who would benefit the most from their services.


That is why I have developed a customer based product design system. When we allow our customers to design the product with and for us, ideally our finished product becomes an irresistible actualization of our customers wishes and dreams.

It doesn't have to be extravagant, big and solving all the possible issues of the client. 


All it requires is just one well refined simple step at the time. This is the success factor of today's learning world.


I have a feeling that many of you are unaware of the pot of gold you are sitting on, whilst desperately trying to find ways to get more clients. 

I'm asking you now, are you ready to stand up for yourself and lift your great assets off the pot and turn them into gold? 

Would you like to know how to turn your special gifts into unique and profitable programs with ease, joy and magic?

Are you a spiritual teacher, coach, healer or a creative
soulpreneur and ready to:

  • Discover your most potent hidden assets.

  • Create high quality "customer generated"  transformational programs that sell and are aligned with your big vision.


  • Create an expansive platform that keeps on growing for you to launch your magic into the world. 

  • Generate as much money with your magic as you are willing to receive.


  • Do it all with ease, joy and magic. There is no point in doing business if it is not fun for you. 

You’re in the right place – and the time is now.

Magical Goddess – Create Magical Transformational Programs – is a unique holistic coaching and branding program for conscious soulpreneurs, coaches, spiritual healers, artists and other creators of magic, designed to gift you a way to monetize your magic.


This program is for those who are willing to develop new life changing products.

To make this world a better place with their contribution and generate more money and more magic in the process of fully enjoying their creations and this amazing playground of ever expanding mystery of life.

What is included in this program

The 7 Steps to Magical Transformational Program Creation:


  • Your big business vision 

  • Mapping of your unique skills

  • Embodying Magical Mindset of Success



  • What is the specific result you can help your client to achieve 

3.  Customer Generated MARKET & PRODUCT RESEARCH

  • Niche

  • Segmentation

  • Positioning 

  • Customer Life Cycle

4.  Customer Generated PRODUCT TESTING

  • Building rapport 


5.  Customer Generated PRODUCT & CONTENT CREATION

  • Choosing your format and creating your content

  • Organizing and refining your content



  • Where to sell and how



  • Creating a professional & authentic image for your program

  • Designing an enjoyable customer experience

How do I know if this program is a right fit for me?

Please book a time with me, so we can have a chat about your personal needs and also about the special opportunities I'm including in this program. Let's chat and see what is possible for you?

My mission is to empower women to become the new world leaders, who can and will be the change they came here to be for the whole humanity, with ease, joy and magic.