Live Your Magic

For Your Total Personal Freedom and Happiness



Foundations of Magic


Learn the fundamental principles of magical creation.



Discover Your True Purpose


Take a deep dive into who you are and what it is that you truly came here to be.



Build your business from your unique purpose.

Embody your freedom and live on your mission by creating your unique business, that truly allows you to thrive doing what you love.



The Inner Foundations of Joy and Happiness

We create what we are in energy, space and consciousness. Learn how to stay balanced and in your magical zone of creation, regardless of the circumstances.

What would you choose for you if you knew anything truly was possible?

If anyone would ask me to shortly describe what magical creation is about. I would give them these three pieces of guidance I have received by three wise women each at a different stage of my life:​​

  • Don't buy anyone else's truth,
    only ever listen to your own heart.

  • Anything is possible.

  • Never fight the reality
    that is right now.

When you truly embody the awareness these advices carry, you have no option but to become the magic that you truly are for yourself and for the contribution that you came here to be for all of us. 

These three pieces of advice have been guiding me on my journey to my own truth and on the way there I have awakened to new possibilities of being and creating in the world, in harmony with what is and what we truly are in the oneness of all.


I have experienced such magical shifts in my life that I really want to share the magic with anyone who's willing to receive it.


In these quests of magic where I have put together, in the most simplest form possible, everything I have learned and that has made a big difference in my life. 

These quests of magic are designed to assist your awakening to your true joy, abundance and potential so that you can live your magic, shine your light and be the difference you came here to be, with ease, joy and glory.

You can enjoy all of these quests in your own time and space. Each quest contains audio lectures and a beautifully designed playbook with exercises and notes. Each Quest also includes a private healing/coaching and activation session in person with me.

Looking forward to meeting you,

enjoy your journey to your authentic magic!

Welcome to your very first Quest of Magic!

Are you willing to step into the greater possibilities of you and question everything that this reality has taught you about what is possible for you and what is not?


Foundations of Magic 

Are you living a life that is in anyway less than you would like it to be? Would you like to know what it takes for you to step into becoming a magical creator of everything in your own reality? On this quest you will learn the fundamental principles of magical creation.

No matter how small, alone, sad or insignificant you may feel right now. I want you to know this, you are magic in the making. 

Once you open to the light and love of your true being, it will outshine any doubt, fear and limitations you may have.