We are the birds flying free in the sky, we are the deep vast ocean, we are the scent of the flowers, we are the stars and the lights of the universe. We are the divine sparckle in our lovers eyes. The heartbeat of the mother, we are one with everything that is.

What is A Goddess?


Goddess is a woman who is willing to know who she really is. She knows her value, her unique gifts of creation, actively engaging with the world around her. Embracing everything as it is, being present to all aspects of herself. In any given moment, surrendering to her highest potential. She is all the love in her universe, a wholeness, a vast sea of inspiration, wisdom, magnificence. Never apologetic, but always true to herself. Ever-expanding flow of life, love, inspired actions and abundance. She knows her darkness and her light, fearlessly loving it all, even her fears. Goddess is within in every woman. She is in a constant state of growth.

Owning the power

It’s not about educating the men, it’s not about forcing to be heard or seen, it’s not about fiercely fighting the outside structures. It’s about owning the divine power that has always been there, available for all of us. Knowing it, so much so that it becomes the truth for us, one woman by one. Whatever we fight against, is like admitting it exist. Oneness knows no separation, not even between woman or a man.



Life is about expansion, and the easiest, most harmonious place to be is in a constant flow of expansion. This means surrendering to the unknown, to uncertainty, only then we are aligned with the true nature of life, and magic becomes possible. You can not expand and stay the same, or hold on to the past, even your own beliefs about it.
It’s about time, for us women, to begin empowering ourselves and each other. Free our friendships, and relationships into infinite possibilities of magic they can be. Whatever you don’t allow your self to receive, you can’t gift to others either. What infinite magic can you create and be in this moment?