– Guided Peace Process –

Do you sometimes feel that your emotions are running you? Do you often get angry, frustrated or anxious? Do you have fears that cause you to procrastinate? Would you like to feel more centered, at peace and gain control of your emotions and reactions?


Peace Process is a really simple technique you can use to gain clarity and mastery over your emotions and reactions. It is also a very powerful tool for clearing and releasing anything you wish to heal. You can use this tehcnique with your money blocks, your relationships, it practically works on anything.

In this guided process I will teach you how to use this tehcnique so that you can keep on using it on yourself and on your clients. I will take you through the process working on something you wish to heal and release from your life. The best part about this technique is the simplicity of it. Anyone can learn it and instantly begin using it on anything. Personally, I think this is one of the most powerful healing tools there are, and its based on our natural abilities to heal with our own loving presence and it truly works on everything.

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Something truly shifted in my healing session with Kati Kelo. The past fourteen months I had undergone a traumatic experience by being stalked. I had experienced harassment on so many levels, in so many ways that was affecting my life and honestly was not sure if it was going to ever change and what would end up happening. Involving police, proved to be ineffective. It was so disheartening and did not make a difference at all. I tried different prayers and healings and this was still continuing. Kati did a Peace Process session with me. Oh my goodness, I had to say I felt a shift, like he was going far, far away. She was completely non judgmental and compassionate which was so important after all I had been through and the reactions I would get from other people who seemed to blame me on some level for having this situation or worse yet treating me like I was paranoid. I have to say I have not had a problem since, at all. I am blown away that this session is what finally brought me peace and a sense of safety and completion. I am so grateful to Kati Kelo and hope to have future sessions about anything I am not able to resolve. She is a true Angel.


– Diana Briscoe

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