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One time special opportunity for you to join​ this


Create Successful Transformational Programs 

Starting in January 2019

Would you like to know how to turn your soul creations into unique & profitable programs with ease, joy and magic?

You are a spiritual teacher, life coach, healer or a creative
soulpreneur and 
you are ready to:

  • Become a Magical Goddess & discover your most potent magic and authentic expressions of it.

  • Create high quality transformational programs that sell from your heart's calling with ease joy and magic.

  • Make your own rules of what is possible with your business and your life.


  • Engage with amazing people who are waiting for you to show up and are willing to fill up your courses whenever you offer them.


  • Create an expandable platform that keeps on growing for you to launch your magic into the world. 

  • Generate as much money with your magic as you are willing to receive.


  • Do it all with ease, joy and magic. There is no point in doing business if it is not fun for you. 

You’re in the right place – and the time is now.

Magical Goddess – Create Successful Transformational Programs – is a unique holistic coaching and branding program for conscious soulpreneurs, coaches, spiritual healers, artists and other creators of magic, who are willing to develop new life changing products. To make this world a better place with their contribution and generate more money and more magic in the process of fully enjoying their creations and this amazing playground of ever expanding mystery of life.

Why is Magical Goddess – Create Successful Transformational Programs – different than anything else out there?

Because it is about you learning to create your life and business with powerful tools of magic.

What else is it about:

  • Magical Goddess – Create Successful Transformational Programs – is not about you just making more money, or creating "another job" for you, but about you becoming the Goddess and magic you truly could be in your life and with your business.

  • You aligning all of your creations with your unique Goddess mission and joy.

  • You discovering the sacred feminine creator being within you.


  • You becoming a confident Goddess and a leader of the new world.

  • You not following anyone else’s rules and definitions, but you learning to live in the magical free will Universe where you can create anything by choice and become an empowered Goddess taking 100% responsibility for everything in your reality.

What contribution can you be in the world with your business, that no one else can be?


What else is possible for you and your business?

My Special Invitation For You Right Now

Right now, you have a very special opportunity to take part in the Magical Goddess Create Successful Transformational Programs 7 MONTH PILOT GROUP PROGRAM with private coaching included, that will not be available at any time in the future. 


This offer is only available for a small group of Goddesses, who are 100% committed into creating an amazing transformational program in 7 months with me and who are also willing to give me feed back and help me to make this program even better and are willing to give testimonials of their success. 

What is included in this 7 month pilot program of Create Successful Transformational Programs?

This program has 7 modules:

MODULE 1. Knowing your magic and letting go of the limitations of the past 

A deep dive into your life's purpose and discovering your unique Goddess and her mission. Who are you and what is the change you came here to be? Loving yourself fully & becoming a confident Goddess with a new magical mindset and lifestyle that supports your expansion.


MODULE 2. What is the core pain you help to transmute?

What is the transformation you can help your clients to achieve?

How can you help in a way no one else can?  

MODULE 3. Discovering your most profitable niche

Who is waiting for you to show up with your authentic magic? Who are you here to serve. Getting clear on your niche. Pre-marketing and sales, market research.

MODULE 4. Showing up on the right time 

What is the most painful moment when people are desperately looking for your help? Building rapport with your story and creating your signature speech.


MODULE 5. Creating your authentic program 

Organizing and refining your unique program content and bonus offers into clear and easy-access client attracting format and package. 


MODULE 6. Getting clients & enjoying the sales
How to let your clients to find you and be willing to pay anything for what you have to gift? Creating a magical marketing / launch plan.


MODULE 7. Conscious branding 

How to really show up in the world with your magic. Designing a sustainable and expansive image, platform and presence for your business and your program in all of your platforms. 


This program consists of group coaching session once a week with lectures, processes, healing, Q&A and/or a group mastermind where we can all support each other to create something new and amazing that has not been here before. 


There will be a private Facebook group for you to safely share your questions and progress and support each other.

In addition as a part of this PILOT you will get: 


( Normally valued from $ 1000–2500 a month.)

How does it get any better than that?

During this course I will be privately guiding you for two sessions a month, where we can really go through your personal needs. I will be doing private Access Consciousness, healing and business coaching sessions with you.

What is my investment

and how do I apply?

Right now this PILOT PROGRAM & 7 month private coaching all inclusive package is available for you with a crazy low investment for this amazing group of Goddesses. Please book a personal session with me from this link, so we can have a chat if this program is right fit for you.

Oh yes, I'm 100% committed into being totally magical with my life and my business!

My mission is to empower women to become the new world leaders, who can and will be the change they came here to be for the whole humanity, with ease, joy and magic.


Being magic with your business. How to create continuous expansive success with your business by using magic. In each module we will be going through what tools of magic you can implement and use with what you are creating.


Have you ever wondered what would it take for you to create your authentic & successful transformational
programs with total ease and magic?

This guide is a beautiful and valuable little MAGIC QUEST for you who wants to know what it takes to create your successful & unique transformational programs and products with more ease and magic. 

When you subscribe to Magical Goddess you will also receive the latest news, offers and magazines and all the new and even more magical creations that keep on popping up from the well of magical creation of the Magical Goddess.

Yes, I'm ready for more magical life & business creation right now.*

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