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Dreams Fulfilled

Private coaching and mentoring for Those willing to awaken the power within

FREE Sessions Available

Discover the real reason that is stopping you from actualizing all of your desires and what you can do to change it, for good. 

Discover and Connect With Your Inner Being Who Knows What You Truly Desire and How to Make it Happen
There isn't anything this Universe can withhold from you.

Once you tap in to the infinite power, the wholeness and love of your true being, it is capable of actualizing any and all of your heart's desires into physical life forms and experiences.

We can have, be and create anything we choose with ease, joy and glory.

Have you tried to change your life with no tangible results?

That is because we cannot really change our lives by trying to solve the problems of an illusionary reality. We can only change things when we begin to see the truth beyond the appearances.


None of the reasons for your seeming failures in you life, relationships, career or business are coming from your true being.


The only reason you may not be living your dream is because you have not yet been able to align with the innate magic and the truth of your being.

There is a Simple Formula to Actualizing
All of Your Desires With Ease.


But, it only works when you are in alignment with the true power within you.

Where do you separate yourself from your magic?

We have multiples roles we play in our lives and for the most of us some area of our life is looking better than some other. We may be doing great in our career, but struggling with finding a great intimate relationship, or vice versa. We may be seemingly well off, yet inside feel empty and drained. Gifted, yet broke. We may have plenty of great ideas, but no means to make them real. Have great personal relationships, but argue with people in our work place.


When we look at our lives, most of us are experiencing some unbalance in our lives. There's always something that keeps us apart from our total happiness, joy and freedom. 

The reason for our appearing problems is that in time we have learned to separate ourselves from our true being and the oneness of all that is.


Whenever there is an issue in our lives, it indicates to our next level of growth and expansion.

Man Enjoying the Beach

The Work That Truly Frees You in Any

and All Areas of Your Life is Always Within


It doesn't matter in which area of your life you wish to improve, your relationships, business, finances... what matters is that it is all coming from you, through your personal perception, your judgements, definitions, desires, values and beliefs.


You are the creator of everything that appears in your reality. For your true being there is no difference between your love life or your business. It's all just a reflection of your consciousness and the quickest and easiest way to change anything happens through your consciousness.

It is not in the tactics or strategies or in any outside solution. They can always offer some degree of help, but it isn't until you align with your inner being, when everything starts to fall into place and true happiness, success, ease and joy is possible. It is only then, when all those strategies and applications that may have not worked for you before can actually start working for you.

The Source within you doesn't effort, it becomes what you desire, and the only thing that can slow down the process of becoming for you is you.


​The ultimate success and fulfillment of our lives is always created, experienced and embodied through our personal alignment with our inner being.

It is from the alignment with the greater being of us where all the greatest innovation, inspiration, magic and miracles of life are born. It is through that alignment we can rise to the greatest potential and happiness of our lives, effortlessly, with ease and joy.

I Believe You Are Whole 

Anything is possible, when we learn to apply the universal principles of creation in our lives.

I believe that you already are whole and complete master of creation. There is no real separation between you and you. This is the foundation of all my coaching and mentoring processes.


I'm here to help you to you re-connect with the ultimate power of your authentic inner being, that knows what you truly desire and is perfectly capable of dissolving any appearing problems and creating anything you desire with ease, joy and glory. 


What does your personal heaven on earth look like?

No matter what you wish to create or change in your life I will help you to do the inner and outer work that is required for you to get unstuck, stay inspired and actualize your dreams.

Why Does Coaching Produce Results?
Friends Having Coffee

"No one can fail if some one person sees them succeed."


This quote by Florence Scovel Shinn is talking about the power of unconditional support and faith we can offer each other.

Many of us feel alone and unsupported especially when we are trying to make some real changes in our lives. People close to us can offer a lot of resistance and doubt for any of our new endevours. In fact, most of the people are actually happy to see us fail. This is not because they don't love us, but because they don't want to lose us the way we are.


We humans like to keep things safe and familiar. Change can be overwhelming without proper support. Without someone truly believing in you, you may even end up giving up your deepest dreams. 

That is why, I'm here with unwavering trust and faith in your infinite creator being, holding the space for your awakening to your unlimited divine potential and mastery of creation.

"... I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them..."
Matthew 18:19 NASB1995 


We cannot solve our problems, our problems dissolve in the presence

of our true being.

What are the results you can expect when working with me?

Know your true heart's desires & have total clarity on the divine direction of your life

End all drama & stay in alignment with your truth regadless of any circumstances

Freely express and share your unique being and gifts with the world

Enjoy meaningful, harmonious, empowering and loving personal and professional relationships 

Develope unshakable self-love and confidence 

Master the principles of magical creation 

Create more money, financial freedom, prosperity and abundance in all levels

Actualize your specific dreams in your personal and professional life

and experience the miracles of your own magic!

Beach Sea Glass

During your personally tailored coaching and mentoring processes you will learn how to release all the major stoppers of your magic, your emotional wounding, limiting beliefs and judgements. You will begin to see the true empowering gifts of your past stories and painful experiences.


You are guaranteed to evolve to your higher levels of awareness, connect with your own inner guidance system, align with your true being and witness the magical impact your new elevated frequency of being has for your whole life and experiences.


Book Your FREE

Dreams Fulfilled  



And find out what it takes for you to actualize your heart's desires through the magical powers within you. *





* This is a completely – no strings attached – service for you. 

How do I know if this will work for me?

To be honest, you don't, until you begin the process with me.


I know how hard it is to find the right coach and mentor you can fully trust and feel comfortable with, sharing possibly very vulnerable details of your life.


That is why I have come up with an exceptional offer, which allows us to see if we are a good match, and if I'm the right person in supporting you realizing your dreams. 


So, you really don't need to commit until you do know.

If you are ready and willing to start embracing the real magic of you please book an informal chat with me and tell me what it is that you wish to create with your life right now, and let's see how I can help you with your creations.

Can't wait to meet you and witness your magic in action!

Love  Kati

My Mission

I'm doing this work, because I believe that the big changes we desire for the whole humanity, always begin from within us, one by one, us awakening to our own truth beyond any separation. When there is no separation, there is no lack, no war, no hatered, no pain in the same way we have experienced it in the past. 


My mission is to help you to align with your true being and your deepest heart's desires. So that you can actualize the life of your dreams and experience the fulfillment and the effortless joy of your being in all areas of your life. Afterall, that is what life really is about, us living happily ever after. And it's not just some fairytale ending I'm talking about, it's a continuous expansion, happily ever after. 

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