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5 Steps to Magical Success

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STEP 1. Align With Your Magic

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The Dress
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You are special and there are people waiting for you to be the gift only you can be for them. What is often blocking us from succeeding in our soulbusiness is that we haven't fully aligned with our unique mission. We are meant to enjoy our work, if you are not having fun when working it is a sign of you not being fully aligned. There can be parts of us pulling in different directions and we stop moving altogether. We are giving what we think people want from us, rather than discovering the ultimate power of our own being. Our purpose is hidden in every detail of our lives and once we tap into it, we become magic.

When you know yourself it becomes so much easier for you to define your ideal client. Knowing your client's deepest desires, hopes, dreams and needs is vital for your success. Learning to speak the language of your client will make a huge difference in your sales. The biggest mistakes soulpreneurs accidentally make is often in the ways they are approaching their possible clients.

STEP 3. Make Your Magically Irresistible Offers

STEP 4. Dress For Success

When you've got your unique magically irresistible offer discovered. It is time to dress it up and design an equally irresistible appearance, function, packaging and image, that adds power and visibility to your offer. The last thing you want for your unique message is for it to drown in the mass of unidentified flying offers. You want to make a memorable entrance to the bigger stage of your play.

STEP 5. Monetize Your Magic!

It is all about you being the magic of you for yourself and for your clients. However, without knowing how to attract clients who really want to work with you and are willing to pay generously for your services, you and your gifts will remain hidden. Your irresistible offer is built on your unique and powerful solution for your client's problems. What is your signature offer?

It is an amazing feeling of empowerment once your mission clarifies. Knowing who you are, what you are doing and how you are doing it, has the ability to boost your self confidence like nothing before. You are ready to launch your magic out to the world with confidence and passion. All that is left, is to find out where your ideal clients hangout and discover how to make the most out of the multiple channels of marketing available for you. What would it be like if your clients would start looking for you instead of you chasing for them?

Connect With the Soul of Your Soulbusiness

Did you know your soulbusiness has an actual soul? Did you know that if you listened to it, it could tell you everything you need to know for the maximum expansion of your business? Did you know that you and your business are capable of expanding into new magical 5th dimensional (and beyond) ways of creation by choice and infinite possibilities?

I'll guide you through the five steps to success and help you to discover your unique mission, voice and image so that you truly can become magically successful and be the contribution you came here to be.

The world is waiting for your magic!


What it really often comes down to is your insecurities and lack of confidence. Being a soulpreneur is a very voulnerable space to be in, because you are your own brand and product. Believing in your own magic and valuing it is not always easy.

Everything you need to overcome your blocks and limitations and to succeed is already within you, and my intention is to help you to get there with ease and grace.

Are you ready to become magically
successful and abundant with your soulbusiness?

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Kati Kelo

Your Magical Branding Goddess


You were born to shine bright.

You are a solution.

There is a space where you are needed the most.

What's the magic of you and your story?

Are You Ready to Become a Magical Soulbrand?

STEP 2. Know Your Ideal Client

Are you ready to play a bigger game and to

discover the real magic of your creations?

For a Goddess, her life is her business.

There is never anything outside of you that is stopping you from creating the life you choose or the level of success and abundance, and this goes for your business too.


Your business is a living entity with infinite knowing of the most joyful and easiest way to the expansion.


Are you allowing your business to expand with the natural ease and grace it is capable of?


Are you working as a conscious team with your business or are you working hard trying to make it work by other people's rules and realities?

When you are fully aligned with your soulbusiness things flow with ease, joy and grace and you can reach a space of magical success.

I would like to invite you to play with me, to unlock the true joy of your business and really expand to that bigger mission, and the next level of your success.


What else is possible for you and your business?

How about discovering your most powerful client attraction magic?


– Align With The Magic of Your Soulbusiness – HERE.


I want you to be able to be the change you came here to be with ease, joy and magic, because the whole world is waiting for your magic.

Be the Change