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Welcome to a Joyful Movement to Awakened Humanity

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Our Sacred Animal Friends

Presenters and Show Times May & June 2022

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Lynn McKenzie 
DATE 23 of May 2022

The Subject of Her Talk

 23rd of May 2022  

Lynn McKenzie


I wonder What Subject Comes Up

With thousands of hours invested in learning everything I could about animals & magic, I have built a stellar global reputation as an expert in the animal intuitive and energetic fields, training more than 100,000 clients in 52+ countries.

I share the specifics of my path because ultimately, I see every experience of mine as building the foundation for mirroring your journey and launching you into the fulfillment of your own destiny.


After all, we’re on this journey together.

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Helen DaVida  DATE 23rd of May 2022

Subject Headline

 23rd of May 2022  

Helen DaVita

Talking With Your Pet

A teacher, mentor, writer and international speaker. She is recognised as a Spiritual Development Teacher to the spiritual community worldwide, inspired through her own experiences, she has developed a teaching style which encourages the development of the student to the next level. Helen is a former teacher and course organiser of the Arthur Findlay College. Her workshops have been hosted in many venues across the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, and Australia. Helen is qualified to teach the teacher and has spent several years developing enriching programmes of online learning. She is an approved training provider for the IICT


Carol Whitney  DATE 23rd of May 2022

Pranashakti Healing For Animals

 23rd of May 2022  

Carol Whitney


Pranashakthi Healing For Animals

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Lynn McKenzie 
DATE 23 of May 2022

Subject Headline

 23rd of May 2022  


I’m Niki and I’ve lectured in animal wellness since 1999 and in human therapy since 1996. Over these years I’ve taught people from across the globe which include Vets, animal behaviourists & therapists, holistic practitioners, animal trainers, high profile people within the media & people just like you.

My international best-selling book ‘Animal Healing – Holistic Hands-on Techniques‘ by publisher Llewellyn Worldwide, is available across the globe from all good book shops along with Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It has been translated into three different language.


I was awarded training school status in 2010 ~ Animal Magic Training© 

I am qualified to degree level in three modalities and possess extensive knowledge and experience in complementary wellness and holistic animal and human health.  I have treated hundreds of animals across the globe since 1996.