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Share Your Magic
With The World 


Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders

What is your superpower? 

Are you a future transformational leader, coach, healer or other changemaker on a mission for a better world?


Would you like to share your invaluable gifts with the world  and become a Magical Goddess author?


Magical Goddess magazine has been designed to offer a platform for those transformational leaders, writers, coaches, healers, creatives and changemakers who have a message to share with the world.

Magical Goddess can help you to gain global followers, who are thriving for awakening and are open for different possibilities of conscious creation of life.

Magical Goddess wants to support the leaders of the new world, because this world needs you and your unique magic. We are here to learn from each other, to grow and evolve the human consciousness to the next level. 


To expand we need variety and the richness of experiences and different points of views, new ideas and insights that keep us inspired and support our quest for greater awareness, love and happiness. We are in this journey together and each step counts. 


How can I grow my audience
with Magical Goddess?

Magical Goddess has multiple options to assist you in getting your message out. So it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you already are an established leader. What matters most is the quality of your content and your unique message.

Offering high quality content gives value to your followers and increases your credibility as an published author. There are many options on how you can be a part of Magical Goddess magazine and you can choose what works best for you at the moment.



How many people will I reach?


Magical Goddess Magazines have reached over 180 000 people worldwide and each magazine has reached about 10 000 people and has been fully read over 1000+ times. Being a Magical Goddess author is like being a part of a best selling book.


Because of the evergreen nature of the magazine, each of the magazines published still get new reads each month, even after years of publishing. 

If you want to be a part of Magical Goddess mission to expand human consciousness and become a global leader with MAGICAL GODDESS magazine, please send me an email about you and what themes and subjects you are interested in sharing with more people. 

Why am I doing this?


On my journey to expansion, I have encountered so many magical beings who have had difficult times reaching their right audience and getting their work and message out into the world. It made me wonder, what would this world be like if they would be heard and seen? 


I started asking, how can I contribute to these people with superpowers to be known and heard, and that is how Magical Goddess magazine was born. It brings me joy to be able to use my talents for serving those who have come here to be the difference, because this world really needs all of us to rise to our full potential. 

Magical Goddess is on a mission to expand human consciousness by helping transformational leaders, writers, coaches, healers, creatives and other changemakers to connect with their audiences.


Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders

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