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Build Your Magical Products 

Build your authentic and highly profitable assets with ease and joy!

Build Your Magical Products -program has been designed for those coaches, healers and changemakers who want to expand their business, reach more people and create new attractive products and services. 

For many healers and coaches, there is only a limited amount of time and number of people they can serve one-on-one. Which often, sadly, also means limited amount of income.

Building your online products can help you to aquire the freedom and lifestyle you desire.

This program suits for you if you want help creating and launching your new profitable products, such as, online coaching programs, retreats, podcasts, books or other easily sellable digital products. 


This program helps you to:

Design a high quality product that sells itself.

Allow more people to benefit from your invaluable services.


Create a pleasurable and expansive user experience for your customer. 

Grow into a valued leader in your field of expertise.


Generate trust and customer loyalty.

Increase your revenue with ease and joy!

In the - Build Your Magical Products -program, I will help you to create your new authentic products, that meet the real needs of your customers.


In the process, we will find out how you can, in your own unique way, serve your customers better than anyone else, and even better than they can expect.


You will discover your own way to grow


Not everything works for everyone. You did not come here to fit in or do the same thing in the same way as anyone else. Your uniqueness is the very thing, that sets you apart from any competition.


Your authentic being is the  most powerful asset of your business.


On this program you will:

  • Map out the hero’s journey of your customer and discover the steps required for them to reach their desired destination.


  • Develope the best strategies to reach and connect with your client in the right place, at the right time and in the right way. 

  • Create the simplest ways to market, manage and sell your products and services, regularly and continuously. 


  • Increase your revenue and be able to really enjoy the fruits of your successful business.

Build Your Magical Product -program will be personally tailored just for you and your business, and the duration and price depends on your specific needs. 

This program includes branding of your new product for the chosen marketing channels developed during the process. 

In the initial consultation, we will go over your specific needs and wishes together and prepare a suitable coaching plan for you and your business.

What do you get from this program?

  • Design and build your unique high quality product or service.

  • Grow into authentic and confident leader in your field of expertise. 

  • A marketing strategy that creates results. 

  • High quality branding for your new product or service. 

  • Launch your new product with ease and joy.




Flow business coaching is based on creating business with ease and joy, through conscious receiving.


Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders

Book – Your Magical Products – consultation, and let's find out, how I can help you to design, build and sell your new products with more ease and joy!

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