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Sales Magic

All inclusive, personally tailored, sales, marketing and brand crystallization program.

Your Sales Magic -program will help you to upgrade your brand and discover your unique way of selling your products and services without being pushy or desperate. 

This program will help you to:

Understand and fix the problem areas of your marketing. 

Embody your inner success magic.

Develop your unique and profitable sales and marketing strategy.


Simplify your marketing process, so you can have more time doing what you do best.

Enjoy selling your products and services!

During the past years, working with coaches and healers, I have become very aware of the specific problems and challenges, that they and other changemakers are struggling with, especially with sales and marketing.


That is why, I have developed this program, so you too can overcome those common challenges and grow your business with more ease and joy, from the natural effortless flow of your being.

      In this program:

  • We will analyze your business and find out why your sales efforts may not have worked the way you wanted.


  • We will build the most simple, effective and manageable strategy for you to market and sell your services and products, regularly and continuously. 


  • Your sales will increase and you can finally fully enjoy the fruits of your valuable contribution!


Each of Your Sales Magic -program will be personally tailored just for you and your business, and the duration and price depends on your specific needs. 



Your Sales Magic includes refreshing your brand image, based on your new marketing strategy. 

In the initial consultation, we will go over your specific needs and wishes together and prepare a suitable coaching plan for you and your business.

What will you get from this program?

  • Create an expansive growth strategy for your business

  • Develop your authentic and effective marketing strategy

  • Clarify your marketing content

  • Refresh and upgrade your brand image

  • Optimize your marketing and time management tools

  • Learn to focus your energy and mindset for success

  • Grow into a confident and inspiring leader

  • Learn to trust yourself and your business




Flow business coaching is based on creating business with ease and joy, through conscious receiving.


Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders

Book – Your Sales Magic– consultation, and let's find out, how I can help you to increase your sales numbers with more ease and joy!

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