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   The Magic of Your

All inclusive, branding and business building -program for new businesses.

The Magic of Your Business -business building program is designed for new entrepreneurs who want to grow their confidence, save time and money and get their profitable transformative business started with more ease and joy.

This program is especially suitable for those who are planning to give up their day jobs to become an entrepreneur, or for those who have perhaps already started, but need help developing their business idea, designing their brand and profitable marketing strategies.


This program will help you to:

Create your authentic business with ease and joy from your true being.

Avoid the typical mistakes of a starting entrepreneur.


Build a strong and inspiring brand

Sell your services effectively, right from the start!

In The Magic of Your Business -coaching program, I will help you find your unique story and the magic of your business. 


Together, we will give birth to a powerful, inspiring high quality brand for your business. So that, you can truly be the change in this world that you came here to be.

Some of the biggest challenges for a starting entrepreneur are:

  • Lack of support

  • Lack of courage and confidence

  • Uncertainty about how to create a successful business

  • Finding your own authentic and profitable business idea

  • Fear of selling and being successful

  • Technology anxiety

During this coaching, I will support you on every step on the way. I will help you to find your courage to be yourself and discover the greatest potential of your business beyond any competition. 

This program includes branding of your business, based on the developed marketing strategy. I will design your logo, business cards, website (or similar), fonts, colors, image/illustration style, letter/newsletter template, social media templates and banners.

This coaching program is always tailored exactly to fit your specific requirements, and the duration and price depend on your needs.


In the initial consultation, we will go over your specific needs and wishes together and prepare a suitable coaching plan for you and your business.

What will you get from this program?

  • Find your heart's mission

  • Develop your unique and sustainable business idea

  • Increase your superpowers

  • Know your ideal customers and how to attract them

  • Package your services into profitable products

  • Build a marketing strategy that sells

  • Use marketing platforms and channels suitable for your company

  • Create a high-quality and reliable brand

  • Establish the foundations for your balanced and stress-free flow entrepreneurship

  • Live a richer and more meaningful life in all areas of your life




Flow business coaching is based on creating business with ease and joy, through conscious receiving.


Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders

Book a – Magic of Your Business– consultation, and let's find out, how I can help you to build your successful business with more ease and joy, from your own unique flow.


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