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Live Your Magic – Shine Your Light – Be the Change

Would you like to experience how much change you can create in your life in six weeks without lifting a finger?

Are you getting tired of peeling the endless layers of your problems and issues, trying to find out what is wrong with you so that you can fix it? 

Would you like to: 

Heal without having to dwell in the stories of the past.

Have more clarity, peace, harmony and ease in your life.

Be happier, have more energy and be more inspired.

Have more loving relationships with yourself and others.

Have a deeper connection with your true magical being.

Be more confident to take bolder actions.

Be more abundant in all areas of your life.


– Healing Beyond Stories –


This is a unique six week healing quest for you to release the past and be free to create a different reality for you. This is a magical journey into the frequencies and energies of your being beyond words, beyond the need to understand the stories of the past, beyond trying to solve problems. Each week we are going to work on a specific area of your life.


WEEK 1. Self-love & acceptance

WEEK 2. Body & Spirit connection, orgasmic, loving bod

WEEK 3. Money & abundance, embodiment

WEEK 4. Your life's mission & joy

WEEK 5. Relationships, connections, people & guidance

WEEK 6. Love & intimacy 


In this journey you will receive personal healing from Mondays to Fridays, that is channeled specially for you. I work directly with the source, your own highest guidance, your divine team and your own infinite being. All you have to do is to relax and receive. 

What makes this process special is that in this magic quest we are actually restrained to entertain ourselves with any stories of the past. This journey is about you being present to the miracle of transformation through your body and being, so that you can embody more of the magical being that you truly are. It is also about you practicing being in allowance of receiving. You investing the time for relaxing into receiving for yourself totally and unconditionally, all that love and support your guidance and this whole Universe is willing to gift you, if you just are willing to receive it. In the first lecture I will guide you through a process that you will be using when receiving the healing.

Most of our issues are due to our inability to receive all of our good, because of some past human stories we keep holding onto within our bodies and minds. We have been infused by mountains of belief systems and many of us have lost the connection with the symphony and flow of our divine being, but we can get back to that magical space of us through and with our bodies, beyond any words and stories.


We are programmed to wanting to conclude things, look for the reasons and causes for our suffering, but conclusion is the number one destroyer of the magic we truly could be. The moment we come into a conclusion we have created a new set of limitations for ourselves. Magic lives in the unknown in the freedom and the ability of the chaos to re-organize matter according to our choices and frequency of being.


This energetic journey is about being able to perceive and receive more of the infinite being of us, that awareness and consciousness that has infinite resources available and is capable of changing anything by choice and by being present to that what is.

Are you willing to have a different experience of healing and being?



What is included in the

– Healing Beyond Stories – 

1. Six weeks of personal distant healing

I will channel the healing for you and you will be able to receive it at any time of the day. I work directly with the source, God, Universe and your Highest-Self and guidance is always in charge what is been channeled. If any special messages come through to me I will deliver them for you. We don't need to be physically connected or connected at a certain time for the healing to work or for you to receive it. I recommend that you set a convenient quiet relaxing time (at least 30 minutes) for yourself to receive the healing on each day. I will use Infinity Healing, Kundalini Reiki and Intuitive Healing, depending on your guidance. You will get more specific instructions on how to receive the healing on the welcome package. I will send the healing from Monday to Friday and you will have the weekend in between that will allow you to have time to integrate the new energies and rest with the changes as we move on to another area of your life in the following week.

2. Weekly recorded guidance 

To help you to shift your perceptions and live in the universe of possibilities instead of past limitations you will receive an audio lecture infused with healing energies on each topic.

3. Learn the most powerful self-healing tool

This magical tool you can use for the rest of your life for anything that is not working for you. 

4. A personal live call intro & exploration session with me

Where we have a chance to meet in person and talk about you and what you would like to change in your life the most right now. You will get the booking instructions with the welcome package.


5. Welcome package

This package contains all the information you need about how to receive the healing, including a guidebook to support you and info on how you can book your private session with me.

6. Private Facebook support group 

I will be personally present for any of your questions and where you can share your experiences with me and others on this journey. 

What is my investment?

Your investment for this magical six weeks of – Healing Beyond Stories – is now available for you with a special discounted price of:


$597 > $249 


Now, how does it get better than that?

So basically right now you will get six weeks of healing for a price of one healing session with me. And the good news don't end here, for your convenience, I would love for you to have your private session first and if after that you choose to take this healing journey I will give you the payment details on the call.  

Book your private session from here:






And how does it get even better than that?

+ BONUS a personal live healing session

You will get an extra personal healing and integration session after a couple of weeks of finishing this quest to assist you with your "new" life.

Any information on this website and Magical Goddess programs and in the products sold, including healing, suggestions, techniques, ideas, downloads (and other material), is not medical or psychological advice and is not intended to represent that they are used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any medical problem, physical or psychological disorder, nor are they intended as substitutes for seeking professional health care advice. By viewing this web site, downloading and ordering products you agree that it is legally for entertainment purposes only. 

Living in a bubble 

Just like everything in nature is thriving for the greatest potential and growth we too are not separate from that ever expansive consciousness. We all are here on a greater mission for the conscious evolution of humanity. 

Whatever bubble we live in at the moment, there is one thing we can be sure of, that eventually it is going to burst. Because that is how everything is. To grow and expand to the next level somehow things will have to change. This is what is going on continuously in our lives. It is what our life is designed to do, for the continuous expansion of our awakening. 

Now we can either fight the changes that are calling us for our greater potential and feel miserable or we can surrender to that natural flow of life and let it grow as us and through us effortlessly to its greatest potential. Weather we fight it or not, there will always be a time the bubble of our current reality is going to burst. 

Our purpose is not some grandiose and distant goal to get to, but a flow of life to be lived right here right now. What this also means is that everything you need for the fulfillment of your greatest potential you already have. 

Neither is our purpose in trying to become better or someone greater, but connecting to our own truth and the flow of our infinite being, from which great things and a greater version of us will begin to emerge in ever expansive ways. It is the one and only source you can ever have for anything that you perceive in the world around you.

BECAUSE We are parts of the one consciousness that is always and all times working for us, through us and as us. Contributing, loving and serving the whole with our whole being and with our unique skills, talents and abilities.

Foundations of Magic Quest


If you want to become a conscious creator of your life take an advantage of this easy and affordable online magic quest I have created for those of you who like to have and be more magic instantly.


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