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Next Generation Conscious Leaders


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Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders

A Transformational Leader Case Study


Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders


Derek Rydall is an established thought leader and
a bestselling author of The Emergence, Seven Steps
to Radical Life Change and The Abundance Project. 

This is a showcase on different aspects of transformational business branding through the design projects I have created for Derek Rydall. 

Working with Derek has allowed me to gain a deep understanding of a leading transformational business creation, product design and branding.


When your brand image is coming from the essence of your business and has a meaning present in all of it's elements it becomes timeless and can expand through time naturally. Like a tree that first produces leaves, then flowers and fruits. A tree that becomes a shelter for many animals and birds nests. A tree that eventually becomes the wayshower and a gathering point for the whole village.


If you are just starting your transformational business, I recommend you begin thinking about your business from your BIG vision and consider doing the groundwork for your branding well, because that will save you a lot of time and money in the future and also most importantly starts building your expansive audience and revenue faster.


When your business grows, you will be needing more people in your team, technology and platforms keep changing in a very fast cycle. Now, more than ever, having a brand manual that guides your team is an invaluable asset on the way.

Here are some of Derek's website designs.



Here are some images of Derek's old materials that have now been redesigned. As you can see these products have been designed according to what has been in at the moment, without a clear overall idea of the brand image. There is no indication they represent the same business identity.


This is often the case with many new business owners, who understandably just need to get stuff done in the moment it comes up. But, this way you are losing valuable time in becoming known. The sooner you create a clear identity the faster you become recognized and trusted. People buy a lot easier from someone they already know.  

The best way to brand your business is to create a flexible identity, that defines the basics of your visual style, so your brand will have a consistent presence throughout different platforms and applications.

Below, I'm representing you some of the finished designs and the variety of projects that are common for transformational businesses.



Putting your work out there in a form of an attractive book is a great way to generate leads for your business and engage your audience. Designing your own high quality books will strengthen your position as a leader and gives you credibility and allows your clients to understand the new information you are offering better. 

These days you don't always need to take the long way by trying to get your book published by big publishing houses. You can start by creating your own online books or self published books right away, which eventually will help you to refine your content, attract followers and get those publishing houses interested too. 

Magical Goddess 1 on 1 coaching and facilitation service is available to assist you in creating and designing your book, from idea to finished product.

Here are some books designed for Derek Rydall.



I have a passion for designing workbooks and infographics, working with Derek has allowed me to design many beautiful and practical workbooks for his programs. 

Having a supporting workbook on your courses and programs helps your clients to fully engage in the process.


When you have an easy to follow workbook it makes your customer experience deeper and more enjoyable. This in turn helps your customers to get the results they want with and of course make them eager to learn more from you. 


There are many ways to organize and package your teaching and offers. One of them is having your own course, program or academy online. This way allows you to have a monthly or yearly sustainable revenue with your business. 


I have had the privilege of going through all of Derek's programs and I have not only learned how to build a successful thought leader business, but also learned what goes on behind the scenes of an leading transformational business. 

That is why I can help you to design your business from a wider perspective right from the beginning. So that you don't need to be re-branding, each time your business expands, but your brand image is based on your BIG vision and growth, and also has the required flexibility needed for different platforms, products and media.

Derek has a Thought Leader Academy and here are some visual elements of the academy.




Attractive and clear landing pages at best do the promotion and selling automatically for you. Successful marketing is about allowing your clients to get to know you, building an expanding relationship bit by bit creating a safe space for their transformation. 


What works best for your marketing is always a process of testing and building sequences and funnels that create most sales for you. These are the kind of things we take into account when branding your business. How is your visual image expressing your authentic mission in all platforms and spaces. 

Here is a sequence of three landing pages containing the first FREE OFFER of the Awakened Wealth Program marketing plan.



When you're going ​BIG, there is a bigger whole you need to think about. Live events have huge amount of little details that all need to be managed with care to give your audience an unforgettable life transforming experience.


Designing the image of an event includes everything from tickets to the space and everything in between. Website, sales pages, ads, magazine articles, sales letters, event layout, event banners, stands, maps, welcome packs, presentations, workbooks, appointment cards and the promo materials for the further sales.

Here is the event sales page and a couple of event handouts.

Näyttökuva 2020-10-01 kello 10.37.01.p



Event design is all about you being present and and creating a safe and expansive space for your audience on every step of the way. 


Here are some standing banners that were used in the venue of Derek's Live Your Life's Work Event. 



When you are building a life transforming experience it's a great idea to give away or to sell tangible products, that carry the memory of the special moment. It also enhances the feeling of belonging to your tribe.


People love getting uplifting gifts for their loved ones. These T-shirts sold in Derek's event were so popular that they ran out fast. 



Sometimes your business may expand to new clientele, partnerships and products and you want to create something different, yet recognizable.


When you are designing a new product there are multiple elements that have to seamlessly work together to provide a coherent and distinct image that also expresses the content in an attractive way.


It's also important that the new products you may be adding are in line with your previous image, that way it is easily recognized by your customers. When you have done your branding groundwork you can play and have fun with it.  

Here is an example of a new product line I designed for LOVELUTIONARIES -program, developed by Derek and his wife Galit Rydall. 

For this project we designed a logo, the overall visual appearance, layout, typography and colour scheme in a way that it can be easily reproduced for further products in this series. 

More Work Examples

I hope you enjoyed the showcase of a leader and it gave you inspiration and some insights for what is possible for your transformational business, products and branding. Here are some examples of projects that I have designed for other kind of businesses and organizations.


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Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders


Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders


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