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You Magical Being and welcome 
to a brand new Quest of Magic* to becoming

an effortless manifestor of your true desires.

by Magical Goddess. 

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Magic of Being

Are you ready to start living in a higher dimension of your being, where your life becomes an effortless flow
of your innate joy, love and abundance?

* What are Magic Quests?

Magical Goddess Magic Quests are inviting you to live live your life as a question and possibility beyond past limitations and conditioning of this reality.

Magic Quests are designed to inspire and uplift you to the next level of your being.

On this Quest you will receive the insights and tools that have allowed me to totally change my own life, from being "a victim" of my past stories into an empowered conscious creator of all of my experiences. 

Wheat field


Magic of Being

Have You Tried to Change Your Life Before
Without Really Getting Anywhere?

The reasons why it didn't work are simple:

We cannot lie ourselves there,

we cannot manipulate ourselves there,

we cannot affirm ourselves there,

we cannot force ourselves there,

we cannot get there by fighting what is.


We cannot get there without being
completely honest with ourselves.


We simply cannot be where we are not

and any attempts to be where we aren't yet

is never going to take us where we want to be. 


Becoming Effortlessly Irresistible

to All of Your Desires

Whenever we are trying or efforting anything in our lives, we are actually pushing the things we want further and further away from us. 

Any use of effort is us telling to our Universe, that we are lacking what we are wanting and the more of that lack we keep creating.

We don't create what we want, we create what we are being.

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves”

The more you are able to let go of control and be in allowance to the unknown potentials of your true being the more effortless your life becomes.


That is because, life is always naturally driven for more lighter frequency of being, to more joy, love and happiness.

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Our natural space of being is effortlessly irresistible to all of our true desires, and that is what the mission of this quest is:


To help you to let go of control and manipulation and open you up to your own innate effortless magic.

Here Are The 3 Most Powerful Principles of Magical Creation I Have Learned

Change is Only Possible
From Within

To change anything in your life only requires for you to become more aware of what is going on within you.

Abundance of Life
is Unconditional

You don’t need to work hard or effort in order to create your true abundance, love and happiness.

 Everything You Could Ever Desire Has Already Been Created 

There is a way you can embody the effortless magic of your being.

On this Magic Quest you will become familiar with these principles of magical creation and much more.

What is inside this Magic Quest?

Working from Home

On this Quest I will share with you the best tools and techniques, that have taken me from
“rags to riches” in many miraculous ways.

This Quest contains 13 modules, introducing you to different elements of magical creation I have found life-changing.

Each of the modules come with an audio and playbook, for you to connect with your own magic.

Flower Field


Magic of Being


Basket and Wild Flowers


Magic of Being

MODULE 1. We Are Infinite 

Once you open to the light and love of your true being, it will outshine any doubt, fear and limitations you may have. 

This module contemplates on what our "Infinite Being" really means. What it requires for you to actually embody this idea, beyond it just being a belief, with no real impact in your life.

This module contains an Infinity Healing meditation journey for you to experience your limitless Being.

MODULE 2. Everything is Energy

There is no separation of spirit and bodies or anything really. Nothing is solid in this reality.

This module will give you insights on how you can become more aware of the energies around you and end the illusionary separation of "spirit and bodies", which will allow you to become an unlimited receiver of anything you desire. 

Image by Filbert Mangundap
Image by Daiga Ellaby

MODULE 3. Ask and You Shall Receive


The quest of magic. Universe is always answering to all our questions. The greatest tool of magic is living in a continuous question. 


This module will give you a guide to asking, in a way that actually works, so that you can really utilize this most powerful tool of magic actively in your life.

MODULE 4. Knowing What You Want

Being aware of what you truly want is what really makes you live in your magical zone. 

Your happiness can never be found in someone else's dreams. In this module we are going to tap in to your true desires, beyond the conditioning of this world, so that you can begin to create your own authentic life and happiness.

Image by Ravi Pinisetti
Image by Taylor Van Riper

MODULE 5. End of Judgement


There is no one outside of us judging us. Judgement is functioning from polarities. Every time we judge something as good or bad we create the opposite possibility of it into existence. 


In this module we will talk about life beyond judgments. How you letting go of all judgement, that you have about yourself, this world, or others, will make your life an open space for everything to be able to rise to its fullest potential.

MODULE 6. Being in The Now

The only time we have to live, be and create is right now. 
Experiencing true joy and anything that we desire is only possible in the present moment.

In this module you will learn how to free yourself from the past stories and expectations of the future and 
open the door for your instant magic.

Image by Patrick Schneider
Image by Javardh

MODULE 7. Total Receiving

To be able to receive anything we have to be willing to lose everything, including what we thing we are. To truly love fearlessly we have to be willing to break our hearts. 


In this module you will learn what it actually means to receive all of you and everything around you, so that you can move beyond your fear and separation, and begin to see how everything always is, and has always been working for your good.

MODULE 8. Emotional Freedom

There is not a choice we don’t make based on how we believe it will make us feel in the future. All of our choices are based on our emotions.


In this module you will learn how you can make your emotions work for you instead of being run by them, which really is the most powerful key to our total freedom.

Walk in nature
Image by Saffu

MODULE 9. Self-Love

You are infinitely loved, just as you are.

In this module we will talk about what self-love actually means and how you can start embodying your self-love in action and become an unstoppable confident master of your own life.  

MODULE 10. Sexual Energy is The Energy of Creation

Owning your sexual energy is about receiving the wholeness of you and the world around you, experiencing the bliss and the ecstasy of being alive within a body.

In this module we will talk about, how you can begin to own your sexualness, and how it can help you to create more joyfully embodied experiences and encounters.

Flower Girl
Henna Tattoo on Textured Background

MODULE 11. Magic Happens in Action

Magic grows from the joy of your expression. Inspiration awakens in action, not in waiting.


This module is inviting you to take action and play with your creation. You want to start the play to see where it will take you.

MODULE 12. Focus and Commitment

We want to be focusing all of our time, energy and actions towards what we want to create, be and have. When we are 100% committed to our own heart's calling we become unstoppable. 

In this module you will be creating your own Magical Action Plan. 
You can't really change by doing the same thing over and over again, or doing more of the same thing, or doing the same thing with more effort. You will also find ways you can create
a supportive and welcoming environment for your desires.

Image by Samuel Austin

MODULE 13. Giving is Receiving

There is never a lack of anything in this Universe and the more we are able to, breathe freely, to give and receive, ourselves and others unconditionally, without holding anything back the more effortless our being here becomes.


This module gives you more insights about how you can expand your giving and receiving and take your magic to the next level.

Join this Quest now and discover the Master Creator within you!


Magic of Being

Enjoying Sunset

Join now, and get these Magical Bonuses:


Magical Mentoring & Coaching Session

During this session we will focus on your personal desires and what it requires for you to find your freedom to actualize your specific dreams. After this session you are quaranteed to feel empowered and equipped with tools and insights to uplift your life to the next level!



– Effortless Magic of Being – MAGIC QUEST GROUP


This is a special group only available for those on this Quest.


In this group you can connect with other magical beings, ask questions and share your magic.


I will visit the group regularly and answer your questions at least once
a week. I will also be giving you some extra boosts of magicand healing whenever they come through me for you.

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