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Yellow Raincoat Success Strategy

Ever since I got myself a bright yellow raincoat and pink rubber shoes I have loved going out when it rains. Like today. It made me think of one important success factor to end procrastination.

We all get those moments when we suddenly find ourselves lacking motivation, withdrawing from action, fiddling about each of us in our own ways. Many times there is a deeper "issue" underneath that requires our attention.

However, if we have a plan ready for those moments and those spaces we go into reactions and dramas instead of creation of possibilities we can pick ourselves up much faster and be back in action in no time.

We don't need to let our inner dramas to stop our flow and cause procrastination with the things we want to create. And now I'm talking about those spaces you are very familiar with, the ones that you repeatedly find yourself in. Think of what are those patterns for you, and the things that usually trigger you to dive into the deep end?

After you have recognized those moments and the triggers that push you over, I'm inviting you to create your own "Yellow Raincoat" strategy for them.

Think about what has worked before, what has helped you to shift your mood from down to up the fastest? Are you able to come up with a list of things that can lift you up or could prevent you from ever even falling into the hole? I have used NLP anchoring with myself and my daughter. Which I can talk more about in another post.

For now, let's focus on the concept of having success strategies for the moments that take us down. Because, there are also some things that we have to do but we don't like doing so much, that they can begin to eat our focus by getting our mood down, and we can also develop a strategy for those moments. Just like I did with the raincoat. Think of something you have to do, but don't like and ask:

What would make it fun for you? How could you enjoy it? What could you do and be differently that would make you enjoy it?

What would work for you in spaces you don't like so much or that might take you down. How can you make those moments fun for you?

Getting an inspiring dish brush and pretending to be in a mindfulness workshop meditating whilst washing dishes. Just another thing I do, and I love washing dishes. That is whenever I notice the pile from the other things I choose to prioritize. One has to become flexible with one's time and priorities as a single mother.

Write your own Yellow Raincoat Strategy out for those moments you usually go into procrastination and create another one for all those things you don't like doing, but still kind of have to do. Like getting out of bed. It can be challenging in some mornings.

Having and practicing your strategy will eventually build new habits and you may even start enjoying and waiting for the things you didn't used to like doing.

When you get emotionally triggered back to your old stories, having an action plan is comforting and it often works like magic. The more you do it, the faster it works too, because you are building new habitual ways of being in situations.

Inspiring music is definitely one of my favorite ways to get back on track. How about including an emergency playlist on your Yellow Raincoat Strategy?

Don't wait for it, be prepared and have your tools in hand.

Success is a result of our habitual energetic space of being, our thoughts, feelings and actions. We can change our habits by inventing new ways of dealing with situations. But, at first we need to practice for long enough for them to become our new habits.

Many of us are masters in succeeding in being miserable. I used to be very skilled at dwelling in my dramas.

Having a plan for those moments that trigger our slide into dark side, doesn't mean that we brush off anything. We can give ourselves the whole "whale days" or whatever it is that helps us to deal with the deeper issues in a time where it doesn't stop us from doing what we want to do. So be your own coach and schedule yourself an appointment for later and keep your promise too. And if you don't know how to deal with some things, ask for help.

We are not meant to deal with things on our own, there is help available. There are billions of people each of them waiting for the most happiest moment of their lives, which is to be of use for someone else or just being valued for their presence. Get a coach, a therapist, or call a friend. There is nothing you can't get help for in this world, all you have to do is to ask and keep on asking until you get the help that works for you.

If you have a problem stop complaining and do something about it, if you can't do it on your own, get help.

The whole Universe is here to support you and to love you, if you just ask.

Create your Yellow Raincoat Strategies to find the quickest ways to shift your mood. Why shifting your mood works in the moment is also, because anything that usually stops us is a lie anyways. It is something that is not true, a creation of our wild imagination that is stuck somewhere between the past and the possible future pain and there is a part of us that already knows it is a lie. Lean on that, the one who has infinite choices.

Embrace the rain whenever it comes to your way.

Love, Kati

If you need help creating your magical & successful business & life strategy, book a free strategy session with me. You are guaranteed to leave this session inspired and with clarity on your next steps. Let's see what else truly is possible for you?

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