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Your Exclusive
Personal Power Animal Painting

Meet your invisible helpers

Do you want to connect with your personal power animal, receive their messages and have their presence with you at all times in a form of a unique painting? 

My Story

When I was facing a difficult time in my life I started meditating and I began receiving messages from the animal kindom, the elements, guides, angels and many goddesses. I was guided to paint what I was receiving, and each time I painted I would go through a profound inner process of growth.


I learned that we are all together on this earth, all working for the evolution of the higher wisdom and the expansion of our consciousness. I experienced profoundly how all beings on earth, specially animals have pure love, magic and wisdom to gift us humans, if only we are willing ti receive it. And that is the reason I've started to paint power animals for other people, so that they too can experience that deeper connection with the earth and our animal friends. 


How Does This Work?

The work begins by a powerful guided meditation journey, where I guide you to discover your power animal spirit, that is here to help you with what you mostly require right now. 

This process also helps you to further develope your intuition and abilities to sence your guidance and power animals more clearly. The process is always individual and safely guided by your own higher being.


After the process we will have an integration and fasilitation session and as a result your unique painting is born in your preferred dimensions.

The painting is designed with you in a way that it can fit to your desired space. The finished painting will be an artistic presentation of the energies and how the spirit takes form, and it is always, to an extend, an unfolding mystery. 

Some of My Power Animal Paintings

Do you want to meet your special power animal?

Please book a chat with me and we we can go through the process in more detail with you.


How much does my painting cost?

For example, a 60cm x 60cm painting price starts from 1200€, but the final investment of your painting depends on the size of your painting and the cost of the shipping.

When can I get my painting?

The process usually takes about 2–4 weeks to delivery. 

How is my painting delivered?

Depending on where in the world you are located, we will find the most secure and cost effective shipping solution for your painting.

What materials are used in the painting?

I use acrylic paints and high quality canvases. 

How are the meditation and facilitation sessions delivered?

We will meet online on a suitable platform for you, such as zoom for example. 

How many sessions are there?

There will be 3 sessions all together. First one is a meditation session (including an audio meditation journey, you can use anytime at home), second session is the facilitation of the process and the last one is the revealing session.

What if I'm not happy with the piece?

We evaluate the piece before delivery and make changes if required, so that you know exactly what you are getting. There is a NO RETURN policy, once the shipment has been sent. 

When do I pay for the work?

You pay half of the price once the piece is commissioned and the rest and the shipping costs before the shipping.

What if my painting gets damaged during the delivery?

If your painting gets damaged during the delivery process, it is the responsibility of the delivery company to compensate for the damages. I will always make sure and document that your piece is correctly packaged and that we are aware of the shipping company's policies.

A little about me

I'm a professional artist, coach, graphic and glass designer from Finland with a BA honours degree in 3D design and fine arts. I have studied different art forms and subjects in Finland, Estonia and UK. Currently, I work as a coach and graphic designer as well as create my unique art works. 

I'm passionate about the awakening of human consciousness, us connecting and aligning with the greater awareness of our being, so that we can live more harmoniously with all life and beings on earth. 


Your Exclusive Personal Power Animal Painting
by Kati Kelo


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