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STripping the goddess

Effortlessly irresistible

Embrace The Goddess That You Are &

LovE The Woman You Choose to Be

Every woman is a Goddess and for a Goddess life is a divine flow of effortless receiving the magic of her own being.

Don't you agree, that it is time to free the Goddess from all the past supression of being a woman on this planet and put an end to the constant creation of the ideal woman we women hold ourselves and each other captive?

Are you ready to uncover the magical superpowers of your empowered and unique Goddess being. This magic quest is about you loving the woman you choose to be.


Effortlessly irresistible

Embrace The Goddess That You Are &

LovE The Woman You Choose to Be


On this program we are going to go through these 9 modules:


MODULE 1. Ideal Woman


Who and what are you trying to be instead of being you as a woman? Undefining you and your secret ideals that hold you captive in someone else’s reality instead of creating your own.


MODULE 2. Good Girl 


Where and how are you trying to fit in and please others? Letting go of the good girl stories and step out of the world of polarities of rightness and wrongness of us. Ending people pleasing, perfectionism, over-giving, seeking for approval and validation. Positive judgements.


MODULE 3. Bad Girl


Where are you creating from avoidance and resistance to the wrongness of you? Letting go of the negative judgements about yourself and the core wrongness of you. Being in allowance of your “negative emotions.” 


MODULE 4. Clearing Of The Collective


How many past life lessons, ancestral patterns and stories are you still trying to complete and perfect with your life right now? Clearing the attachments to collective and your ancestral history of being a woman.


MODULE 5. Self-Love 


Are you trying to love a character of your stories instead of being the love you truly required and could be? Understanding what self-love really is about. Actualizing self-love. Connecting with the truth of your Infinite being.



MODULE 6. Perfect Body - Loving Body


How many judgements are you using to create the body that you have are you choosing? Clearing of your judgements about your body and letting go of the separation of the bodies, body image, comparison and evolutionary competition. Generating kindness, communion and learning how to create with and for your body. 


MODULE 7. Emotional Freedom & Harmonious Relationships


What emotions have you made greater than you as a being? End of being run by emotions and receiving the gifts and awareness beyond your emotional reactions. Creating better relationships. Using feelings for your awareness. Generating higher harmonics of being and uplifting your frequency. 


MODULE 8. Total Receiving


What are you willing to receive and what are you not willing to receive? Receiving the gifts of our past so you can create beyond it. Receiving more yourself and awareness through everything. Knowing what you truly want, clearing your conflicting priorities and setting new ones.


MODULE 9. Receiving The Magic Of You


Ready to begin a new empowered life of the effortlessly irresistible Goddess you on a magic quest of infinite possibilities? Opening to receiving the gifts of everything that is for you at all times. Surrendering to the vulnerability and trusting the effortless divine flow of our being. Creating your Goddess life map based on your true desires. Creation from freedom and choice.

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