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Thought Leader

For the Joy of Business

The Way From a Teacher to a Transformational Leader

Build an outstanding brand based on your authentic positioning and catapult your transformational business to market leader.

Welcome to Transformational Customer Generated Branding Strategy

Don't take it personally, your business is not about you.


1st Paradigm Shift 

Your customer is the hero of your brand story


Your audience is interested in your personal story of transformation only to the extent of how it can serve and inspire them.


When your audience can see themselves as the hero in your brand story, you make an instant connection and will be recognized as a sought after transformational leader. 


2nd Paradigm Shift


Your hero generates your brand strategy 

Successful positioning of your business is not about you, but about delivering unique value, beyond competition, to the hero of your transformational services.

Customer generated branding allows you to be on the true leader on the edge of the evolution with your brand.

Message & DESIGN

3rd  Paradigm Shift

Successful brand image is measured by numbers 


Success of a brand image is not measured by a beautiful appearance, but the number of profits generated.


A well designed, professional, attractive and consistent image, that speaks to your hero, will boost your sales, create trust and inspire your hero's journey. But it only works, if you have a solid content- and marketing strategy to back it up.

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists…when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will all say: We did it ourselves.”  

– Lao-Tzu, an ancient philosopher and founder of Taoism

Have you ever wondered, how someone is more successful than you are, even if you know you could offer far better service and results?

What's the difference between
excellence and mediocrity? 

The difference is in the delivery. It is all about presentation and positioning. Successful brands are able to tell the story in a way that inspires and reaches people's hearts and keep on feeding and fulfilling their desires to an extent that they want to proudly present and own a piece of it.

No matter how great of an impact and contribution you could be in the world, it is of no use for anyone if they can't find you, fall in love with you and clearly see the unique benefits of your services.

Successful business creation, is about effective integration of business- and marketing strategy, message and branding.

If your message is generic and business strategy weak, a beautiful visual brand is not going to increase your sales. 

The hero always wins and there is a hero or a heroine inside of all of us, you just need to bring him or her out. If there are two people selling identical products with the same price on the market, which one do you choose?


You buy from the one you genuinely connect with.

I asked my 8-year-old daughter what she thinks a thought leader is. She replied,

– A thought leader is someone who really believes in magic.

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration.”
— Robin S. Sharma, Canadian writer and motivational speaker

When you truly are being the change you came here to be, there is no competition.

Leadership is all about you being the master beyond anyone else's reality, leading with your own freedom by confidently being true to yourself.


That is what you want to express and be with your brand, confidently and boldly delivering your message. Being the safe and trusted space of transformation, for those who may be going through struggle, fear or doubt in life. 


You can waste a lot of money, time and effort if you don't integrate your branding with your marketing strategy right from the beginning. 

Believe me, after working in the field of graphic design and branding about two decades, I know the pitfalls of this industry and have seen examples of great and poor branding.


I have participated in creation of "a logo and a business card", enough times to witness the ineffectiveness of it, unless there already is a solid foundation and marketing strategy beneath it.


The main lesson I have learned from my experiences is, that if you don't effectively incorporate and integrate the branding process with your business strategy, you are more likely to miss your target and your message will fall on deaf ears.


You may think you are saving money, but you are likely to lose more money than you make in the long run and quite often end up having to do it all over again. 


That is what I'm here for you, so you don't have to keep fixing it, but can keep on expanding it.


When you work with me, we are going to integrate your message, business- and marketing strategy into a powerful authentic brand, so that you can save your time, money and effort in the long run and be the leader and the change you came here to be, with more ease, joy and expansive success. 


Thought Leader Branding Service is for transformational business owners like you, who are willing to create a successful, sustainable and expansive brand, that is designed from the target numbers of your business as a top priority.


Because, no matter what the greatest mission of your business is, the priority of all business is to make profit, and if you don't have that as the number one priority of your business yet, I suggest you make it so. Because, without it you simply won't have a business for long and without a business you can't really serve all the people you are meant to serve.

We all are unique and what works for one doesn't always work for everyone. The flexibility of this service gives us the space and time to find out what works for you and for your specific needs. 

Thought Leader Branding:

The 3 Steps to Your Authentic Thought Leader Branding & Magical Online Empire Creation

1. Getting Crystal Clear on Your Positioning


Objectives, Vision & Mission 

Story & Message 

Unique Value Proposition

2. Creating a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Based on Your Numbers and Customers

Customer Segments & Life Cycle

Platforms & Funnels 

Tools, Testing & Management Strategy

3. Creating A Powerful Visual Image of Your Brand


Your Personal Brand Manual:

Logo, Type, Colors, Image Style, Business Cards.

Visual templates: Website, Social Media Presence, Ads, Lead Page, Banners.

You cannot become a leader in someone else's reality. 



EmergE into the unique purpose of your business

MAGICAL GODDESS Conscious Branding process is a unique method designed to uncover and express the authentic purpose of your business in a way that creates long-term sustainable growth of your business.

You being the magic and contribution only
you can be in the world with your business.

Conscious Branding is a mindful approach to branding, seeking to connect your unique mission, business and brand with the core transformational journey of your client. Positioning you as a compassionate leader of the new world.

Positively engaging, inspiring, educating and serving the needs of your customers. You being the change you came here to be, with ease, joy and glory.

Be The Change




The first step in your branding project at Magical Goddess, is your brand Discovery Session.

In your brand Discovery Session, we'll learn about your business, your goals and objectives, ideal customers, current positioning, and what is required for you to show up as an authentic and successful Thought Leader.


Your Discovery Session gives us a great insight into your business and sets the magic of your business in motion.

For the Joy of Business

For me designing a brand is very much like the transformation process of a butterfly, the actual work happens inside the chrysalis from which the exquisite butterfly emerges. 



What Clients Say


Derek Rydall

Best-Selling Author of Emergence and The Abundance Project

Kati has the consciousness to understand what really impacts people, and the intuition to tap into the deeper resonance of your client and your ideal tribe, and all the skills of a great designer -- combined in one.


She has the ability to create beautiful designs that not only changes the brand in a powerful, high-level way, but also carry a resonance that will more deeply connect with their ideal clients.


Joanne Laulach

Children's Book Author,  Nutritionist and Yoga teacher.

Kati has absolutely worked her magic.

I started writing my children's book 4 years ago, in the last year I spent a lot of energy putting it together ready for launch time. In the 12 months I had come up with a lot challenges trying to get it across the line, the colors and layout delivered to me by my publishing company was not exactly how I imagined my book and I was very disappointed by the way it had been delivered. I came across a few obstacles as you do when you are following your path.

Not really feeling as though the book was flowing at that stage of the process, I was trying to source an external graphic designer to work with who I connected with and understood my vision. 

From the moment I spoke to Kati I knew my baby (my book) was in good hands. She took the project on board as though it was her own. I shared my story with Kati and she expressed her ideas with me and why her ideas were, surrounding the concept and message I wanted to get across to my audience. 7 days later my book was transformed and delivered to me without any fuss. A whole turn around and complete satisfaction. As I am fussy about my book, its my baby and Kati was patient through it all, the back and forth adjustments and editing was handled perfectly she was patient through it all.

Kati is a creative and light hearted soul. All her feedback was coming from a space of authenticity and understanding of children as she has children herself. I loved working with Kati and look forward to do more work with her in the future.

For the Joy of Business

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