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with ease, joy and love.

Business Growth Plan for Coaches

Are you looking for a high quality personal branding and a marketing strategy, that can actually bring you more cients and grow your coaching business?

What if I told you, that you can now have both in the same package?

If you like the idea,

I would like to warmly welcome you to my all inclusive:

Grow Your Coaching Business With Ease – Program

This program doesn't only give you the attractive high quality designs you are looking for, but also the best marketing and sales strategies for your unique coaching business. Because, they are inseparable elements of the success of your business and any business.


Are you a struggling to grow your coaching business?


Chances are that you have gotten into coaching with the high intent of changing the world, helping people overcome their troubles and achieving their goals.


Still, despite your passion, hard work and efforts you don't manage to get more clients or to grow your business, and never really get to enjoy the lifestyle you envisioned.

If you have began to have doubts about your business, you are not alone.


Despite coaching being one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world, many gifted coaches are at their wits end with getting their ideal high paying clients.


But, the good news for you is,


that the main reasons for struggling coaching businesses, are not actually in their coaching methods, or that they are not great coaches, or that there would not be enough clients wanting their services .

The main reason why so many coaching businesses are having a hard time is the same as with any business:


Not having a clear brand- 

and marketing -strategy.

After becoming a coach myself, I have witnessed so many exceptional coaches, healers and change makers having difficulties marketing their services. I realized, that this is where I can serve people the most with my unique background, talents and my desire to have a positive impact to this world.

I believe, that each of us has our own invaluable gifts for this world, and I want you to be able to shine your light bright and clear for the benefit of all.

That is why, I have developed a special all inclusive branding and marketing service for you, so that gifted coaches like you can finally thrive and prosper and ultimately live the life you have always dreamt of. Being of contribution for the whole, and at the same time enjoing your personal life to the fullest.

In other words, embodying your own truth and wisdom. 

Grow Your Coaching Business With Ease

High quality branding and the best marketing and sales strategies for growing your unique coaching business.


This program has been designed to help you to rise above the common pitfalls of coaching businesses, so that you can create your highly profitable brand with more ease, joy and glory.

Here are the 3 main reasons why your coaching business may not be as successful as you want it to be:


Not knowing, how to market your services in the way that generates actual sales.


Not knowing, how, where and when to reach your ideal customers.


Lack of confidence, fear, doubt and unwillingness to receive money.

The Simple Coaching Business Success Formula

If you are struggling to get clients for your coaching business, there simply are some steps on this formula that are not optimized for your business. To fix them can be easier that you think, you just need to dig a bit deeper to the foundations of your business strategy.

Your Client's Hero's Journey


Take care of your customers


Offer people what they are looking for


Connect with prospects by giving real value

Be confidently authentic


Build an enjoyable customer experience


Together, we will discover the unique formula
on how your coaching business can:

Offer your ideal clients what they are looking for without compromising your values and uniqueness.

Show up in the right time and place and build a meaningful on going dialogue with your ideal customer.


Speak confidently as an authentic trusted expert within your field.

Create abundance, that allows you to joyfully live on your mission with ease and grace.

The 3 key words for my ..... coaching program.

Focus, simplify, prioritize

(and maximize your profits)

I know how hectic life can be for an etrepreneur and how you want to get maximum results with minimum effort with your marketing. And that is the goal of this program, for you to find the easiest and most sustainable marketing strategies and solutions that work, specifically for your business. 

You don't need to spread yourself all over the place or spend huge amounts of money in order to succeed with your coaching business. Marketing your business can be simple, easy and effective. It all depends on how well the foundations of your business have been built. Once you get the basic foundations right, expansion becomes easy.


The Foundations of Your Business


Refining your businessplan, products, mission, vision, values and strategy. What are your unique services, who are your most potent customers and how can you serve them better than anyone else?


Service Design


What is your customer lifecycle and what would make the journey most expansive. easy and pleasurable for all?

Customer Research

What are the real needs of your customer and what is their hero's journey?


Sustainable Marketing Strategy


What are the most cost effective and easiest ways to get clients and manage your marketing?

Social Media Marketing 

What kind of social media presence and advertising is most valuable for your business?


Marketing Plan

What kind of annual, monthly, weekly and daily marketing actions would generate the results you desire? 

Sales Funnels 

What kind of automated systems would serve your needs the most


Brand Strategy


Brand story, vision, mission, values, voice and design.

What kind of brand image serves your business targets across multiple platforms?

Brand Image


Logo, fonts, colors, basic website or equivalent, business card, image style, social media, landing page, advertising style, depending on the specific needs of your business.


Success Mindset and Personal Wellbeing


Developing a holistic wellness plan to cultivate and sustain your positive creation space with your business.

Magical Goddess 1 on 1 coaching & facilitation is a unique service developed specifically for coaches, transformational leaders, healers, changemakers and creatives who want to build their most potent & thriving business from their heart’s calling with ease joy and magic.


Book Your FREE Magical Goddess Business Consultation now and receive the 3 most powerful principles of Magical Business Creation that will help you to skyrocket your business in no time.


Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders

In This Session You Will...

Discover the real reason that could be slowing your business down


Learn the 3 most powerful principles of magical business creation


Find out how you can tap into the true source of your wealth and success


Leave the session renewed, energized and inspired to build your successful business empire with ease, joy and magic.

Are you done trying to fit in with your life and with your business?

Do you want to build your leading transformational business brand with ease, joy and magic?

Do you want to become effortlessly irresistible magnet for your clients?

Do you want to end the hard work and have more fun with your business?


Are you ready to reconnect and receive the true gifts of your being and your awakened business?

What can you expect to get from Magical Goddess Coaching & Facilitation?

Have Total Clarity on Your Big Business Vision & Direction


We do always get what we want, the problem is that we are mostly unaware of what we truly want. Knowing what you really desire is the first major key to magical creation of your life and business.


Grow Into a Confident & Compassionate Leader


When you connect with your true being, you can consciously grow into a confident and compassionate leader who walks the talk. When you align your habits with your true desires you become a magical creator of your life and your business.


Become Effortlessly Irresistible to Your Ideal Clients


The main cause for us not attracting our clients is not in our marketing, in our image or even in our message, it ultimately comes down to our inner resistance, our conflicting values, beliefs and fears. When you release your inner resistance, you may find out that even the things you thought were not working in the past suddenly start working for you.


Get Tangible Results


When you align your business with your clients needs and your divine mission, your business expands naturally into your unique products and offers, attracting clients effortlessly, like magic. It really is about you knowing and becoming more of you, the being that you truly are. You discovering your most potent magic no one else can be.


Create The Life & The Business of Your Dreams


Anything is possible when we are willing to receive it and be it. Being it requires our undivided focus and commitment. You are a whole being thriving for happiness on all levels. Finding the balance and the way of doing things that actually works for you and adds to your life and wellbeing is the most important part of your success. 

Have Professional & Authentic Brand Image 

When your brand image emerges from the deep inner work it will be beautiful, powerful and authentic expression of the mission of your business establishing you beyond all competition.


Derek Rydall

Best-Selling Author of Emergence and The Abundance Project

Kati has the consciousness to understand what really impacts people, and the intuition to tap into the deeper resonance of your client and your ideal tribe, and all the skills of a great designer -- combined in one.


She has the ability to create beautiful designs that not only changes the brand in a powerful, high-level way, but also carry a resonance that will more deeply connect with their ideal clients.


Book Your FREE Magical Goddess Business Consultation now and receive the 3 most powerful principles of Magical Business Creation that will help you to skyrocket your business in no time.


Unravelling Next Generation Transformational Leaders

In This Session You Will...

Discover the real reason that could be slowing your business down


Learn the 3 most powerful principles of magical business creation


Find out how you can tap into the true source of your wealth and success


Leave the session renewed, energized and inspired to build your successful business empire with ease, joy and magic.


My Approach

All nature is thriving for the quickest and easiest way to expansion and the higher the frequency the faster the expansion is.


Joy is one of the highest frequencies of being, so the more joyful you become the faster you, your life and your business expands.

You living and creating from your joy has a greater impact for the whole than you could ever even imagine.

It is my joy and pleasure to help you to find what makes your heart sing from joy and how you can find your total freedom and happiness, in your personal life and with your business.


If it's not fun, there is no point of doing it.

I see you as a powerful being, as a magical leader and a real change maker for this world, the gift and the difference you came here to be. 

You are on your mission, always.

Knowing that our life has meaning and that we can serve others with our special gifts is the greatest gift we can receive for ourselves.

Magical Goddess mission is to unravel the next generation of transformational leaders for the awakening of human consciousness


Because this world needs YOU!

Love, Kati

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Magical Creation Blog


In Magical Creation Blog I share my thoughts and insights mostly inspired by my everyday life experiences. 

I go with the flow when it comes to writing. Sometimes there seem to be many things that want to come through me in writing and sometimes life expresses itself through my art and painting. 

Magical Goddess Magazine

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Magical Goddess magazine is a timeless global transformational & empowering magazine, designed to expand our consciousness.


Magical Goddess magazine introduces you to powerful and diverse thought leaders, healers and the changemakers of the new world. 

Do You Want To Contribute?


Magical Goddess has exciting new opportunities for you coming up. If you want to share your unique magic with the world, you are welcomed to join awakening the earth mission. Please send us an email and let's talk about the possibilities.

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