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Are You "Tilting at Windmills"?

The number one mistake we often make in our soulbusiness creation is, that we identify ourselves with our business. This is true specially for us soulpreneurs as we are wanting to bring out our most unique gifts and vulnerable soul creations, it can be even harder to not to make it about us. 

When we make our businesses about us it leads us into having a lot of fears about showing up and taking our failures or successes personally and emotionally.

It causes us to run our business from the emotional dramas of our lives, resulting in all kinds of cycles of procrastination. Which all takes us further away from being the channel of the infinite power that is willing to be born and expressed through us and through our services.

That insecurity also leads us wanting to pour all of our soul and heart into our offerings, when as an entity of its own our business knows what parts of our gifts can actually serve some people and what can serve others. It is about finding the balance and co-creation with our business and clients.

When have you chosen that you can’t have it all?

When we are not in allowance for the greater intention for all to come through us, but trying to figure out a way and a logical solution, we are unconsciously participating into creation of the problems we can keep on solving.

We are “tilting at windmills”, just like Don Quixote.

Don Quixote is character in Cervantes' classic novel about a noble Spanish man, who gets so sucked into the books he reads that he loses touch of what is real and what is not. In his fantasies he becomes a knight doing all kinds of imaginary heroic acts saving damsels in distress, battling windmills as giants and righting the wrongs of his world. (I love this book and recommend it for anyone.)

That is something what people also do when they are trying to help others, perceive them as someone who needs saving or healing, instead of receiving them as infinite empowered beings in their chosen reality, holding the space for the truth to emerge.

​When we create our lives or our business battling the imaginary limitations, as problems to be solved, all those superpowers, the yet undiscovered magical gifts of us, that are seeking to express, and could have a great impact in the world stay locked away or are forced to seek another channel for expression.

What if you chose to have ease with all of your business creations and what if you just asked for it?

In its essence Magical Business Creation is about following that natural flow of the ever expansive nature of all life.

Letting go of our ego’s points of views and limitations and surrendering to that innate kindness and grace of our infinite being and the one life, that is working for all of us. 

Allowing it to be birthed through us and through our business, in the most authentic way, serving the highest good of all.

What would it create for you if you were not solving problems but generating possibilities with your life and with your business?

Shine your light and be the change,

with love, Kati

If you would like to know more about magical business creation, you are always welcomed to book a free consultation with me. Let's see what else truly is possible for you and your authentic soulbusiness creations?

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