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Being in a Quest of Magic With Your Business

Magic is in the question. We get that in our personal lives, but are you living as a question with your business?

That is something we often forget as we get sucked into the needs of making profit and money with our business. It is so easy to listen to the advice of those who who have become successful, collect tips and strategies and then following through with the best of our abilities.

There is nothing wrong with that. That is how we evolve as humans. But in the process we forget that magic is real and instead of being in the question we become the conclusion and as you already know, conclusion kills the magic, always.

I have to to do this this way in order to get from point A to B as fast as possible. Our to-do list expands and our magic gets buried underneath the workload.

What helps us to stay in the magic zone is to start each day as new as a possibility to ask expansive questions with our business. Make a habit of asking generative questions for you and your business daily.

What would create the most for me and for my business today?

What requires my attention today?

What impossible things can I create with my business today?

What actions can I take today that would create money for my business right away?

What conclusions have I made with my business that stops the magic?

What questions could you ask that would make you totally magical with your business?

Remember the point of asking is not to create more conclusions but to open you up to receiving from the infinite possibilities, generating new opportunities, awareness, choices and new questions.

When the most successful business leaders have been asked about how they make their choices the answer is always, their gut feeling. Their instinct and trusting that inner knowing. That is one of the facts of magic that people miss following the stories of success of others.

We miss the magic, because our logical mind always tries to control the outcome, find the logical map to our destination.

No matter how many times we would hear about the main ingredient we keep missing it, because our mind is so focused in finding the steps and the logic we can adapt and implement.

So, keep asking and trusting your instincts. Be aware when you have come into conclusions and clear the day ahead with expansive questions.

Be magic with your business,

Love Kati

If you want to know more about how you can be more magic with your business, you are always welcomed to book a meeting with me.

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