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Positive Thinking Doesn't Make You a Magical Creator

I may have written about this before, but this subject came up for me again.

The other day, I met someone and when I told them what I do, they instantly thought I was in to some "positive thinking" movement. That is what many people think manifestation is about. But, really it's far from it.

Simply because, we cannot lie ourselves there, we cannot pretend ourselves there, we cannot think ourselves there, we cannot force ourselves to be where we are not. We are where we are.

If we truly want to create magic and miracles in our lives, there is a real inner transformation that is required. "We simply cannot get there from where we are", like Abraham Hicks puts it.

We are whole and complete at all times, and that is why we don't ever even need to get anywhere. It's all here right now. Everything we could ever desire is a clue of what already is in another dimension of our being.

The appearing "distance" is in the frequency of our being, it doesn't take time or effort, all it takes is being honest. Being honestly present to what we are right now.

We cannot lie.

What are the positive thoughts you are using to hide the lies you believe in?

Be brave, be honest, be present to your lies, unconditionally, and let the magic happen, effortlessly, through your truth.

If you want to make a difference with your thoughts, make sure they are true for you.

We all know what a lie feels like.

Speak truthfully to yourself.

Truthful thoughts make your whole being feel better,

lighter and there is no doubt or resistance present.

Be Magic,


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