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Magical Time Management

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

How to be magic with time?

Time management is an essential skill especially for a small business owner. There is only so much we can do in a day and when we are desiging a business that actually fits to our desired lifestyle effective time management is required. Also it can be difficult for a solepreneur to keep going if and when some distractions appear.

A magical aspect of time management is to know that time as we usually experience it in a human level doesn’t really exist.

What could that mean for your life and business, is possibly the main question that comes to your mind right now. For an infinite being there is no finite time, it is all here only ever right now present to our awareness depending on what we choose to focus our attention on.

How can we use that awareness with our business?

One great tool is to start the day by asking what requires my attention the most today for me to create the reality that I truly desire?

And then following the awareness that arises. Sometimes and especially in the spaces we find ourselves trying hard instead of being in our flow it is actually most productive to stop and re-align.

Because, whenever we are trying hard we’ve come further away from our true power. Even if, sometimes we may want to work hard, but inside we know the difference when we are actually enjoying it and trusting the process and when we are using force and pushing against our limiting beliefs.

Whenever we are acting, we want to do so from a space of awareness and trust.

Because, no matter how hard we may work, we can’t really get the results we want if there’s doubt that prevents us believing it actually is possible. So always be aware what is your space of creation, what is your current state of mind?

Are you coming from love or fear?

Who’s reality and limitations are you trying to build your life into? What is driving your actions right now? When we stop and meditate and be still we get to reconnect with that part of us that creates worlds and already knows the way to wherever we are willing to go.

Lately, I found myself from negative thoughts about getting older and running out of time for my desired creations and I really had to explore my beliefs. How much crap I have picked up from this world about time and how I felt like a failure for not fitting in to the “normal” timeline of life, as if I have missed my cycle on the hamster wheel all together. When I put it that way, it made me smile.

What if that has actually been the smartest thing I have done?

I became aware of what I have been focusing my energy on and how much I have evolved and grown. How much work I have done, without even being aware of it, because I was still trying to evaluate my being through the appearances of this world, through what I’m supposed to be, own and have at this stage of life.

I realized I'm on my own perfectly unfolding timeline of expansion, and so are we all.

Being aware of our space allows us to use our time of creation wisely.

When we are aligned our whole days can be guided into most pleasurable execution of things, and even our thoughts and bodies are moved with the guidance and flow of our truth. Things take far less time and effort, or we become aware of the perfection of the right timing, we are no longer fighting with time, but joyfully enjoying the present unfolding of our space.

It is great to have a clear vision of the targets and even have a working schedule of the things that we think are required in order to get there, but then be open for even grater possibilities than what we can think of from our current perspective.

Because, once we have a knowing of what we truly want, there is the whole infinite part of us gifting us magical things that can generate everything and more with ease.

Things just are what we are.

It is all about trust and frequency. There is only ever a journey of frequency and that is not defined by what we observe as time.

Once we are able to steadily hold the frequency we desire, there is no longer any time between what we want and us.

Time can be seen as a space of creation like a room that allows us to play in with our bodies, thoughts, energy and things, and the experience is totally depending on our frequency of being.

How much can we hold the frequency of our desires and how much are we enjoying the time of creation and how much limiting factors we believe there is?

Time space is where we can enjoy and experience the joy of life with our bodies.

What if you were able to create with speed of space? Often, we cannot even see that we have already created what we want, when we are not there yet. What I mean by that, is that sometimes we can be totally oblivious to something that has been right in front of us for a long time, until we are ready to receive it, until we are in the receiving frequency with it. So, the most important thing about managing time is actually having clarity on the energetic space we desire to be and not forgetting and trusting it no matter what shows up.

Whatever shows up after we’ve set the direction is there to help us.

The rush and desperation we may experience is always caused by limiting beliefs, us focusing our thoughts in the worries of the past or the fears of the future. There’s aways infinite number of possibilities and infinite time and space available. Even when it is hard to see when we are involved with the physical entaglement of the world, when we worry about finances or deadlines or anything really.

What we want to remember that our worry or any other negative emotion is only ever an indication of us having stepped out of our flow.

We feel anxious because we know, that we are participating in creation of problems instead of possibilities.

But, because we have had years of conditioning it can feel alost impossible to not to have doubt and letting go of the worries. But we can practice unconditional space of being and teach ourselves to learn new ways of thinking, being an feeling. Little by little we gather more and more evidence of how changing our inner space actually provides different results. But it is not something we can be instantly is a process of growth, mostly a process of becoming aware of where we are and then re-aliging, over and over again with what we rather choose.

You may want think about your habitual thoughts about time and time management. We can easily have adopted beliefs about time too and keep unconciosly repeating thoughts in our heads, such as, I’m always late, there’s never enough time, it takes a long time, I’m slow, I’m always in a hurry, I work well with pressure of time, I’m running out of time, I'm too old for that.

Go through your thoughts about time and question them, is it really true and what if you could choose another more expansive thought? What if time was always on your side and your timing was always perfect?

A practical way of getting things done is to chop your goal into small bits of actions and then asking each day, what would be the best thing to work on today?

If we create a very tight chronogical order in advance for our actions, the chances are that there can be some things we don’t really feel like doing and we can easily slip into feeling bad and get into a downward spiral and procratination. But when we have multiple options we can choose what feels the most appealing for us in any moment.

Also it’s really important to be open for the magic. Sometimes and very often, magic comes about in a completely different way or form we expected and if we’re not open we may miss some chances. Not that we ever really miss anything, because there’s always a new possibility coming up, it’s just that things can really be easier and faster than we could even imagine, if we are aware and trust the crazy possibilities and inclings of our awareness.

One day a while ago, when I found myself getting into worrisome thoughts about my finances.

I noticed my space and then chose something different. I even said out loud, why am I still believing the conditions of the reality, what if it really isn’t my job to worry and what do I care if money just dropped out of thin air for me.

It isn’t my job to know the how. After 30 minutes I went out and there literally was a 50 euro note on the ground right in front of my feet. Did I question who did it belong to? No, not for a second, it was so totally my own creation.

Experiencing anything you truly desire, is only possible in the present moment. What will you choose for you right now?

I'll leave you with this thought for now, and have a magical day!

Love, Kati

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