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Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I want to wish you a happy holiday season with all of my heart.

There has been a lot going on in the world around us and in times like this it’s vital that we don’t forget our infinite beingness. Our ability to choose thoughts that make us happier.

We always have a choice.

My little bit of advice for you this Christmas is to take time out for yourself to focus your thoughts and feelings on what you wish to generate more for you and for the world. Untangle from the collective stress and fear and allow yourself to be the being you truly are, beyond what is going on the appearances of this world.

Be the beacon of light and love you came here to be.

It has come to my awareness that the new world that is happening right now doesn’t require any trying from your part. Trying to fix yourself or anyone else, trying to make ends meet, trying to find your perfect partner, trying to be something you're not, trying to fight what is, trying to fit in.

Your being is the change you are looking for.

The space accommodates you when you are being true to yourself.

All the trying is just a past memory of us not knowing that everything we could ever want is already ours and the way there is through allowance. Allowance to embrace all the things that bring us joy.

There is a lightness of being available when we let go of trying, emerge with our divine flow and let the energy guide us & take us where it knows is for the best for all.

I just realized the other day, how I have gotten everything I have ever asked for as if by magic lately, but I also realized how I was still looking for happiness as if it was something that was not fully there. I was trying to define and control the ways my happiness would show up, therefore hugely limiting my receiving.

I understood that I was asking for all things I need, but had sometimes forgotten to ask for the things I really want.

We are all seeking for more happiness with each choice we make. But how many of us just ask for it? Ask for happiness, instead of all the things we think would make us happy?

What if you could ask for one present for the next year and what if you asked for your true joy and happiness to be present in your experiences each day and month of the year?

Would you allow yourself to receive it beyond what you could imagine?

Would you be willing to undefine what you think would make you happy and be of allowance for infinite choices for your happiness to show up in your reality and experiences? Because, that my friend is where the true magic lives, in the unknown.

What if you asked for what you truly desire without form, conclusions, without trying, without control, without expectations, just be of allowance of receiving everything.

What is it that you truly desire?

You have total clarity on what you want, when you let go of the appearances. And when you have clarity, your universe will have clarity. That is all the clarity you ever need to make 2021 your happiest year ever.

You are love, you are light, you are what you are and that is more than enough. You are the pure magic this world requires right now, just as you are, wherever you are. Your joy and happiness is your greatest mission on earth, because you cannot give what you are not willing to receive for yourself.

Are you willing to receive the joy that resides in your own heart, that has never left your true being? Are you willing to allow it to expand to this world and be the change you truly are?

Are you willing to ASK for what you truly want for Christmas for yourself and for everyone?

Enjoy, take care of yourself, trust your awareness and be magic!

Love Kati.

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