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Being is Far More Powerful Than Doing

The longer we are able to hold the space of pure being in the now, beyond any stories the more of our awareness of our true being and beingness we begin to receive and ultimately that is the greatest purpose of our lives, to be right here right now, present to all that is in our awareness and experience.

It may seem contradictory to our human minds to stop and be still, when things are not going the way we want to. Usually we start instantly looking for a way out, trying to take actions from our desperate space of being. But the opposite is actually much more effective, when we stop and expand into our true beingness we discover that alignment with all that we are, and we start to know that all of our seeming troubles are illusionary in comparison to the power and resources we truly are.

We learn to trust and appreciate life as it is and when we do it starts to carry us effortlessly and we start witnessing miracles of our own being. We are parts of the infinite consciousness and it is always on our side, always giving us what we want and need if only we step out of our own way. Everything is energy and all energy responds to our choice of being.

When we stop and meditate we can be present right now, beyond our stories and that in turn can create physical changes into our bodies and reality.

When you align with the greater will and purpose of everything, which is to become more and more aware you start seeing how everything begins to flow much more magically in your life. If you ask for more awareness you are guaranteed instant manifestation. That is what I have been witnessing every day now.

Can you imagine the implications of receiving instant awareness of everything you ask for? Would you ask for it and would you be willing and open to receiving it?

What you choose to be right now is the only thing that matters and if you’d be able to stay in that space at all times, you would become totally magical. That is, if you chose awareness each time, chose love over fear, chose creation instead of reaction. Be a question instead of a conclusion. Be allowance instead of expectation or judgement. Be receiving everything with no point of view.

I’d like to mention one very inspiring being for you, Wahei Takeda is the most successful investor of Japan and he lives by the philosophy of maro. Which means true heart or sincere heart. It is about living in a state of selflessness and oneness with the universe in unconditional love for ourselves and others.

Wahei says that when we are in touch with “maro” we create win-win situations for everyone. When we “maro-up” we invite miracles into our lives.

“Maro-up” means that we must think, write and speak beautiful thoughts, follow our passion and intuition, and live in a constant state of gratitude for all that we encounter. When we “maro-up” we start living the path designed to give us the greatest happiness.

All the beauty, all the inspiration, all the happiness is birthed from our being, us being curious wonderers of life, never running away, never trying to get what isn't there, because there is nowhere to get to. It is all NOW HERE and you are being it.

Can you see the hidden beauty of the time being? Love, Kati

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