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Why Am I Struggling to Get My Business Off The Ground?

Are you a coach, healer or a transformational teacher struggling to find your clients and get your business off the ground to the level that you desire? 

Have you sometimes began to doubt your chosen path or feeling like giving up all together. Wondering, “Maybe this is not what I’m meant to be doing with my life?” 

I hear you and I know exactly how that feels and I can tell that there is nothing wrong with you, and there is nothing wrong with your work or the business courses that you may have taken either.

What if I told you, that all the struggle is because you are trying to create your business in someone else’s reality with someone else’s rules.

The real reason behind our seeming failures or procrastination is actually mostly about us having to land in a new environment for us, that of business and it often comes with a lot of unconscious baggage and resistance.

We are trying to create success from our past limiting conditioning, beliefs, decisions, conflicting values, projections, judgements, and all the other million things we have picked up from this world. Then we end up wondering, why something that works for others doesn’t work for me?

Ask yourself; How much are you trying to fit in with your life or with your business?

​Sometimes our beliefs and conditioning can stop us from ever even beginning. We rather stay “safe” in our unfulfilling day jobs, and keep on dreaming of that  “one day”, when we have enough something, we can finally go for it.

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself right now: 

Whos' reality are you trying to create your business in?

How many thoughts, beliefs, ideas, projections, judgements and expectations do you have about having a business that keep you from creating it or succeeding with it?

What beliefs have you bought true about running a business? It being an exhausting job, stealing away all the spare time, joy and fun from your life? 

Or has it already been like that for you?

Do you feel like you have to become someone else, that you are not, in order to become a successful business owner?

How much have you actually tried already to become that someone else with your business and “failed” at it?

Truth, can we ever create the life that we desire in someone else’s reality?

When we soulpreneurs are in the beginning of the business building journey, we often begin to lose ourselves in the process. We feel like we have to become something that we are not and get very serious in order to make it in the “real world.”

We believe we have to fit in to the rules of this reality with our being and with our business or we won’t be successful.

We get a whole lot of new “have to do’s”, “should do’s” and what “not to do’s” and “have to be’s” and may find ourselves struggling even more than before. 

Who and what do you think you need to become or be, you really don’t want to become or be, in order to succeed in life or with your business?

There are many people telling us the right ways to do things and sell our services. What we need to say and do and somehow it all sounds like foreign language in our ears.

In comparison to our highest vision and our dreams of having a real transformational impact in the world, all the marketing and sales things sound very complicated, cold, boring and perhaps even intimidating. Far from that fun, loving inspiring space we want to create with our work. 

​Within we know that we can create miracles for people with our work, yet there seems to be a huge gap between finding and connecting with those people who are waiting for us to show up.

What else truly is possible for you and your business?

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so.

There is a far more magical way you can bridge that gap and create your soulbusiness, or a whole empire with a lot more ease, joy and grace. 

We just have to let go of our limiting beliefs and open up to creating our businesses in a new and more magical way and in a way that works for us. Not in a way that someone else tells us, but being completely totally authentically honest with ourselves and with the intention of our true calling. 

This is an friendly Universe and it is all working for you and for the evolution and expansion of all consciousness.

Magical business creation means that you begin to create your business in harmony with the one infinite consciousness that everything in the whole Universe is a part of. In harmony with your purpose, mission and calling, with a service no one else can provide like you.  

​Magical business creation is about creating your business in the same way as you would create anything else in your life with magic. 

With no separation, no judgement, no points of views. Surrendering to the greater life that is willing to express and expand, naturally and effortlessly through you and through your business.

I'm inviting you to ask yourself right now:

What would you be and do differently with your business, if you were not trying to fit in, but were truly being the change you came here to be?

Then just be of allowance for your awareness to rise and be present to the guidance that comes with this question.

Shine your light and be the change,

Love Kati

If you would like to know more more about magical business creation, you are always welcomed to book a free consultation with me. Let's see what else truly is possible for you and your authentic soulbusiness creations?

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