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A Happy Cosmic Adventurer

I read an article today, which talked about how we can't receive permanent happiness from getting things and that people are actually happiest when they are travelling and creating experiences they can connect with the world and people around them.

But what if it is not the travelling that makes us the happiest, but the space we are when we travel? And what if that space is a choice we can be anywhere at any time?

Just think of how you feel and be when you go for a vacation and I mean really go into the choice of being you make, not into your mind that likes to say, yes it's different obviously, because I'm not working or stressing about the work, because I don't have to.

But is it truly so?

I'm bold enough to claim, that your space is always your choice. Your stress is a choice you make, because you choose to believe in the circumstances that cause your stress.

Is it about the new place or is it about the new eyes we see it through? I have experienced this in action, wandering around my hometown with my child. It is a new world I had never seen before.

Now think about that traveller space of your being, how is it different? Can you feel the willingness to be open for new experiences, the bubbling excitement about the unknown possibilities and potentials, the sense of freedom and carefree being, the smile and the joy of wonder? What do you choose to be when you travel, when you are on holiday? How do you choose to feel? What do you do and be differently? How do you act and be with people? How do you treat yourself, see yourself, be with yourself, feel about you?

Are you able to expand to that energy and space of being? What if you allowed yourself to be that every day?

What would your life be if you were the space of the traveller, the explorer and a cosmic adventurer at all times? How would you do your business from that space?

Be Magic,

Love Kati

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