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Men and Sex

Today, I've been thinking about sexuality of men. I've been thinking about the abuse of kids, addictions to pornography and sex. All those things what we can call "perverted" expressions of sexuality.

These things don't really apply to men only, but as these days we talk a lot about women empowerment owning their own sexuality, it feels as if the men have been left out from the picture. And I think that it would change the world if men would really begin to own their own sexuality, just as much as women.

If we think of any man who is chasing the pretty tits and asses for their pleasure, or whatever in the outer world turns them on, has really no idea of what sexuality can truly be. Not that there would be anything wrong with liking pretty tits or asses.

But, when we are seeking for the fulfillment from anything outside of us, we never get to experience total pleasure. It just keeps on creating more and more of that hunger and more and more perverted ways of temporary relief.

We become addicted and trapped into a an insatiable cycle of desire. And that is what is this society is selling more and more to younger and younger people. We are growing up in a society that is based on feeding that hunger and really doesn't ever want it to stop. That is what the capitalism is about.

But, it is those who abuse others for their own benefit are actually the ones who are destroying their own chances of ever getting there. Abuse can not be an expression of sexuality, but expression of power over someone else. And if we are turned on by having power over someone else, we most likely feel utterly powerless within.

And I feel sorry for the men, who have no clue what it feels like to be the source of our own pleasure, what it is to live in ecstasy, bliss and in the natural orgasmic flow of our bodies.

What it feels like when our heads and hearts blow up when we experience the cosmic orgasms with every particle of our bodies. What it is like to finally feel satisfied, fulfilled and powerful beyond measure. What it feels like when our spirit enters into all the cells of our bodies.

Oh, what pleasures do they miss!

And I just wonder, if men would focus on seeking and finding that pleasure within, that connection within, that pure orgasmic flow of their being, what would it create for this world? What would it create for us, if all men and women would know and experience that deepest, highest sexual fulfillment within themselves?

What kind of relationships would we be able to create then? What kind of world would we be living in then?

If all the people would stop running after that insatiable hunger and allowed it to be fulfilled instead, what would we be like then, and how much fun could we have then?

We are sexual beings, but there are dimensions of our sexuality we haven't yet been willing to know.

Sexual energy is the energy of creation and anyone who is not willing to know and explore their own sexual nature deeply and intimately, will miss ever being a whole creator being.

Being willing to own our sexuality is one of the greatest steps towards a more harmonious life on earth, for all of us. But we have to make that personal choice of being willing to know, being willing to know, regardless of where we may be. It is about our own intimate relationship with ourselves and with all that is.

There is no one else who can take us to our ultimate pleasure, but we can rise there together and expand to the full magic of our being and have more fun and actually experience that real satisfaction we may be seeking.

I'm so grateful for any men who have started their journeys towards being whole and I'm very grateful for all people who are working on helping both men and women to connect with their own sexuality, because I think it's time we all owned it and changed the world.

Be Magic,

Love Kati

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