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Everything You Desire Has Already Been Created for You

I have had such amazing moments of awakening lately, that I feel like sharing some of them with you now. I have been on this quest of magic for a long time now and the difference to what I have been is just profound. The whole universe has shifted for me.

I'm no longer the person I used to be and that is actually the key element of magic. To create different we have to become different. It is all in our consciousness, in that magical flow and the vortex of our being. It is only us who can change our reality by the thoughts, feelings and emotions we choose to be, what we are in consciousness. What energy and frequency we choose to be.

Now, I understood these things intellectually a long time ago, but knowing something doesn't make it real for us. Chanting mantras doesn't make us believe a lie, we are holding on to.

Someone telling us that we are infinitely loved and worthy, doesn't make it happen for us, when we haven't yet had the experience of it. Someone telling us we can be and have anything we choose makes no sense to a mind that is stuck in the appearances of the current state of affairs.

We can not receive what we are not ready to receive. Yet all of us have the capacity to receive anything we desire instantly.

That is exactly what is going on in our lives, wherever we are at this moment. We are the broadcasters of our desires, dreams, hopes and fears. Whatever we ask and choose is brought to us, for us to experience according to our wishes.

For the most of us, what we put out there in the field of our experience is a continuous stream of limiting thoughts and beliefs, negative emotions, fear, worry and lack. We are stuck in the cycle of recreating the past over and over again. Gathering evidence to support our limiting thoughts and that is what we keep on getting.

How do we get out of our habits of being then and how do we become magical creators of our reality, you may wonder?

It is pretty simple, but it being simple doesn't necessary mean it is easy for us. What makes it hard is that we have to give up blaming the world around us for anything and start trusting the unknown.

For our ego that really is like selling our soul to the devil. And it is right, it will kill us. It will kill everything that we are not, so we can receive everything that we are. And is there really death, no, there is just different experiences, different points of views and perceptions of what is.

Where is the struggle really coming from?

It is comes from us trying, us forcing, us wanting to be in control of the unknown, that actually knows what we want, better than we could even imagine.

We are not willing to trust that innate flow of our being that has infinite resources to gift us everything we desire as if by magic. If we only would let go of the control, if we only became of allowance for it to do the work it knows best, which is to bring us all that makes us happy, content and fulfilled at all times. And why is that, because life by nature is thriving for expansion and the higher the frequency the faster the expansion.

Joy, happiness, gratitude, love, ecstacy are the higher frequencies of being. So can you see how your whole of life is actually naturally thriven for more and more of those spaces of being. Can you see that all these wonderful things are actually the things that you keep resisting when you are trying to control your universe and your life with all the unnecessary struggle? Now how smart is that you may ask?

What is there to be afraid of when you know that your joy is the path the unknown is eager to take you in?

What could possibly happen if you allowed your life to take that natural course of it's evolution?

You could actually become happy?

Would that be so bad?

The truth is that everything that we could ever desire has already been created for us. But it doesn't often look or feel like that, does it?

So what does it take for us to be of allowance for the true nature of our being to take the lead in our lives?

It requires us to tune in to the station where the show is happening. Press the button and change the channel, stop watching the crappy show we don't like anymore. Us stepping into that flow of our infinite being, to that one life force we all are expressions of.

It requires us to become different, us starting to broadcast a different channel. Us making different choices and choosing new thoughts that make us feel better. Us being in allowance of receiving that what we have already created, us becoming aligned with the frequency of what we have created. It is right here, right now, therefore it doesn't require time or hard work to receive it. All it requires is that we choose it and become it in our being, in our focus. It requires us perceiving the truth of what is now and choosing the truth of us.

Just take a look at your life right now.

What have you created for yourself?

How do you feel about your creations?

What are you not happy with?

Where is the lack and the sadness in your life?

What do you desire instead of what you have right now?

Do you have things that you are waiting for to get better so you can have something that you rather have? Can you find those thoughts within you, that give you the reasons of why it is not possible for you? "I would like to have and be this, but because of things being like this right now, I can't have it. "

That is what we do, we think we can't have something, because we don't have it yet. It's like we were pregnant and still dreaming of having a baby. We don't do that, do we? When we are pregnant we are expecting to have the baby, we know it's coming. Do you tell your friends that you can't visit them, because you are not there yet? That would be silly. You take the train and know that you're going there.

What if you could have that same expectation for all of your life?

That you're going there and once you get there, there will be many other places you want to visit. Every choice we make creates more and more new choices to make, there only ever is the journey. And in truth we're not even moving, it is all here, right now and the journey really is becoming more and more aware of what is really going on, becoming more of what we truly are.

Appearances of things and our experiences are constantly changing, once we change our our reality changes. It does not stop. There is no heaven waiting for us and if there is, it is in our nature to want to make that bigger and better too.

So what if you took all of those things you want to make better in your life right now and be grateful for them just as they are, making you want to be more of you, making you to desire to be more aware of where you have been creating from.

What if, the all that is for you right now is all that you need to receive to create the life that you want?

What if it is all just the gifts of the past stage of your consciousness, and your desire for the better is the indicator for you being ready to choose something new and different for you?

The question really is are you willing to receive that gift of your joy that is presenting itself for you right now?

Can you see how perfectly imperfect you have created all that is for you now. How every tiny detail of your life is just as you have created it from the thoughts, feelings, actions and emotions you have been focusing on?

What if you knew, that there is also the other level of your being, that is completely aware of the greatest potential of your life, your desires, your joy and happiness? And what if you knew, that it has been there all along, just waiting for you to stop feeding the illusions you have picked up from this world, believed and made your own?

What does it take for you to shift your focus and align your frequency of being with what you want?

To change things, you want to lift your buts beyond what is appearing right now. That means you become aware of all the buts you keep putting on your way. All those, "I would love to have this, but..." The thought that comes after the but is what keeps you in your past creations.

The easiest way to lift your but is to know that it is there and turn every but into a question instead. So whenever you find a but, ask:

"What else is possible?

What thought could I choose for me instead?

What would I rather focus my energy on, recreating the past or be of allowance of something that I don't even know is possible to show up?

What could that be?"

What if you don't need to know that, control that at all?

Why would you try to control something that is there for you only to bring you your greatest joy? What if you just were in allowance of it to show up for you?

And what if you knew, that anything that shows up after all of your questions is here to bring more of your buts to your awareness so that you can actually receive that which has always been yours in the first place, your total freedom of choice to have, be and create the life you desire.

What if you stopped trying to make anyone or anything to work for you and allowed the thing that works for you to show up for you. How many times have you tried to build the perfect relationship, the perfect of anything and failed at it? That is because you were trying to make something to work for you, you got fixated into a thing, you made conclusions about how things should be, who and how the other person needs to be.

We are trying to change ourselves or the other into being what it is supposed to be or what we desire it to be. It doesn't work that way.

But even then, it actually is working for us. It gives us more and more clarity on what we truly want. And what we ever truly want is to feel something. We want to feel good, but as we are conditioned by this world, we believe all the lies about what we need to have or be to become happy. What kind of trophies we need to achieve and claim to find our happiness.

But that is something no one else can ever give to us, no matter how pretty, handsome or brilliant they may be. We are the generators of our own feelings and the best part of it is that we can choose to generate and experience any emotion right now, we don't need to wait for anything.

Nothing needs to change in the outer reality for us to be able to feel differently. You have experienced this many times. We all have. Just think of any of your drama you go through and how many of those happen because things have actually changed and how many of them happen, because your thoughts about the situation have changed?

So what have you decided that you can't have, be or receive and how much of those things are you trying to get from the people and things around you, that are not willing to be that for you?

What if you stopped and allowed that better to show up for you, that which you don't yet know of and what if that is all that is required of you, to fully know, that it is done.

What if you trusted that it is all done for you.

Your baby is on the way and it is perfect and when it does arrive, you will still be wanting more, and what if your baby wants that more with you?

Be magic!

Love, Kati

PS: If you are willing to become a magical creator of your life, I'm more than happy to help you to get there with more ease. Book a chat with me from here:

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