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Are You a Leader or a Follower?

The current state of affairs has made me very aware of how easy it is for us to participate into fighting this reality instead of creating a new one we would rather choose. But the more we fight, the more we are binding ourselves to the past and less of a change we can truly be.

There are multiple dark spaces coming into light these days and there are a lot of people reacting with violence and anger. People going through fear, stress, anxiety and sadness. And it is true things that are coming into light now are horrific and for some of us totally unbelievable. Far from the awakened humanity we desire.

But this space is calling for us to step into our true creative power. For us to be the change we wish to see in the world.

That ultimately means that we, each one of us individually, end the war within and stop believing the appearances of the affairs around us. This situation is calling for us to become the compassionate leaders, with the ability to hold our space of truth and freedom, now more than ever.

To be, do and create a new world requires us to be the new possibility and that possibility is not found in the past, but it is created by our new thoughts, feelings and actions right now. Where we choose to focus our energy, space and consciousness. It is created by our questions of what else is possible for all of us. What is the gift of this and how can I serve the expansion of human consciousness in these times?

It is not about not being aware of what is going on, but it is a choice of do I allow myself to be emotionally or energetically entangled to the issues of the past or do I choose to focus on what else could be possible here?

It really is a choice that colours your experiences of any situation.

The more you focus on judging what is happening, the worse you'll feel and the worse you feel the more misery you create for yourself and for the whole. It may sound simple, even childish, but truth is simple, as is life when we live in our natural effortless space of magical creation.

But is it simple or easy to choose better feeling thoughts, or to feel better when the world is falling apart? No it is not simple and it is possibly not easy either, but that is exactly why this is the opportunity for us to rise into the mastery of creation we came here to be.

I'm asking you are you ready and willing to be the space of love and freedom this world is requiring for us to be right now?

Are you willing to be the unwavering beacon of light you know you truly are?

Are you willing to end the war within you and be the unconditional receiver of the new world in the making?

Be aware where you are adding to the limitations and where you are adding to the infinite possibilities.

Be aware of your personal emotional space, where are you buying the lies of this reality? Where is your reaction, where is the space you feel powerless and less than infinite creator being of your experiences? What breaks your heart and makes you sad, are you buying the stories of the past and holding them in place with your energies or are you consciously shifting your focus to thoughts that create what you would like to see?

Of course we cannot instantly shift from whatever our current space of misery may be to pure joy, but we can start taking small steps that in time will expand into a greater flow.

What else could I choose here? What would the new world look like? What would I rather think and focus my thoughts and energy on?

We are all one, there is no separation, if you knew how much power one person can have, when they choose to be the infinite choice they can truly be, you'd be amazed.

Do not underestimate your infinite being. That is how the world is changed. It's never outside and always within.

Be the master you truly are.

Love, Kati

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