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Everything Changes

Today, I got into thinking about the way we create the sense of safety in our lives by holding ourselves as prisoners of all the definitions we have chosen to describe our personalities. How we dislike people around us changing or becoming undefinable for us.

How we hear all those teachings, that tell us to rise beyond the judgements of other people when we are becoming different. That there will be others who will resonate more with our new being. That we should just allow the people to go and let go of those relationships that don't serve us anymore.

I do agree with that, but today I had a thought that how much are we actually defining those that we are letting go of.

How can we let go of something that doesn't work for us, if we don't first define it as something that doesn't work for us?

What if there is no such thing that doesn't work for us? And what if we never had to let go of anything or anyone? I mean that, what could we possibly be letting go of? Our own ideas of someone else? The things we ourselves have defined them to be, that we no longer choose to work with?

I guess what I'm trying to say here is, that to really own our creation would mean that we stop choosing, that something is not working for us. That we understand our own decisions in situations. That we can never be fully understood by anyone, and that there is no such thing as anyone else being safely the same for anyone, and that we can only ever see the other through our own tinted glasses.

I get that people come and go all in right times and places, but how much in our letting go, we are actually the ones judging the other as something or someone who couldn't possibly ever understand us, or accept us? That it is a choice too.

What if we wouldn't have to ever function from that space? That space where we are trying to make anyone to understand us, but being of allowance of receiving anyone as they are in this moment, including ourselves. If we were to receive ourselves fully right now, there is nothing or no one to understand or to let go of.

I'm thinking all this, because I have noticed that when we think that we are letting go of something, we easily go into those emotional spaces, like we are losing something that has been valuable for us and begin to feel the pain of that loss.

But what if we would live in a space where everyone and everything was allowed to just be different at all times and we would see others that way. I think we would feel a lot less of pain.

Now, what is this person today and what can I receive from them now?

How are they being different than what I have chosen know about them before and what is the gift of that for me now? Instead of thinking what about our relationship is not working for us anymore.

Just a thought that came to me today...

Be magic,

Love Kati

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