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All Problems Are Caused by Inner Conflicts

If there is a lie, it will come out. There is no shortcut to it. Because everything is expanding and that expansion is always an expansion of the one consciousness. The lie does not only come out, it is what is. If you have any problems in any area of your life it is an evidence of you believing something true that really isn't.

Truth is simple, it is ease joy and glory. When there are no lies there is effortless flow of harmony. That does not mean that the problems disappear and stop happening, it means you stop reacting as if there was one.

When there is no reaction but expansion and awareness any problem becomes a possibility to gain awareness and that means it is always a gift of expansion, never a problem.

With this thought in mind what growth opportunities can you see around you right now?

Start asking, what is it that I'm not getting here, that I'm actually willing to get? What is the gift of this? What is the gift of me here?

Whatever we do always comes back to us, whatever we think always comes back to us.

If you think you can go behind your own back or anyone else's I can promise you it doesn't work that way.

It always shows up and it never shows up the way you may expect it to show up. It comes from totally random places, different scenes, different people like a slap on the face at times, just to shake us awake.

Are you aware of your thoughts, feelings and energies? Your judgements, fears and beliefs?

What is, is what you are creating. What else could you be choosing for you?

What conflicts can you find in your physical reality?

What is the inner conflict or the lie you have to believe in to be creating it for you?

Be magic,


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