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Are You Willing to Die For it or Are You Just Wishing to Die?

Have you bought someone else's ideas of success true for you? Or are you like me, that you don't really care what anyone else thinks about your life as long as you are happy and content with it all?

My mother has definitely had some hard times in adjusting to the fact that her daughter is not choosing a life a "normal" person would choose. I understand that the things that I do with my life goes beyond her reality and I have accepted it.

Do you have people in your life to whom you find yourself explaining your choices?

What if you didn't have the need for that anymore? What if you had no need to be right or wrong about your choices to anyone else? How would you be in those situations then and what would it create for you?

There isn't really anyone else who can ever know what your reality is like. The sooner you get this and stop trying to justify your being to anyone else, the happier you become.

When I surrendered into my own quest of magic, after a total breakdown of my life, I made a very conscious choice of focusing all of my energy into discovering my purpose. The reason why I have come here to this lifetime. I had no intentions to become a coach or starting a new business. All I wanted was to awaken to what is true for me and what really makes me happy.

This is exactly what I have done for the past five years of my life, fully been invested into learning what life is really about and why I am here.

The magic that is available for us has become so very obvious for me on my journey. Because, as soon as I chose my focus, everything I have asked for has showed up, as if by magic. Including all the money and opportunities that I have required. I think in total my education would have cost me over 50 000 euros, but Universe has provided it all for me, truly by magic.

Now, would have I been able to do that, if I were to come from the past place of logic? No, I would have gone into thinking how much I'd have to work for the money to be able to do all the courses and programs I wanted to do. Would I have been able to stay focused and committed if I had to work for the money I required, no.

I could have done that and gone into despair of having to figure out what I want from my life all over again, "at my age" and having to survive with a small child. I could have come up with many ridiculous excuses of how it all would be impossible for me. But, I was committed and very clear about it, it was a "no matter what" choice.

This is a great example of the power of choosing our priorities and trusting the Universe. This is also a great example of being committed, and really meaning it, which I was because I really had had enough of my misery. That is why I no longer have the stress I used to have about many things.

That is why I don't buy or sell any "quick fixes" many people are advertising. Firstly, because there is nothing to fix and secondly there really is no time either. Magic is a way of life that leads into continuous expansion of awareness, that ultimately gifts us the happiness and the things we are truly looking for, in every moment of our lives. Not the things that we have been taught to believe we want in order to be happy, because that is not where we can ever find the greatest potential of our lives.

"A man who won't die for something is not fit to live." Martin Luther King, Jr.

When you commit to what you truly want and it is alignment with your higher purpose, the things you need are brought to you. I literally witness this daily in my life now.

When we commit to the road of awakening we die daily. The one you were yesterday is gone and the door is open for the infinite possibilities of you to emerge, with ease or with a fight, it's your choice.

Magic has found me and taught me trust and ease, continuously awakening and expanding me to new realities. For me this is the greatest success of the intention I set five years ago.

I'm aware of the things that I haven't yet chosen, that are beginning to emerge for me and I am in allowance for them and I'm feeling that it is time to set some new priorities. But I'm very much indulging on this moment which appears more and more perfect with all the imperfections of it.

It is an amazing feeling to be the joyful observer and the receiver of the gifts of the seeming imperfections of the now.

From a more awakened level of awareness everything that is right now is so perfect, that you don't want to change anything, but to see what it really is about. It feels as if you are in a real life playground where everything that is, is a mysterious gift waiting to be unwrapped or an exciting new ride to test.

The occasional emotional dramas have become so invisible, that it is just funny trying to hold on to them, which I still sometimes do, but I have realized it is to entertain myself when I'm bored and not creating and expressing what is coming through.

Everything is energy and we direct all energy in our Universe by our focus and commitment.

Is it time for you too to join me and take a look at where your focus is right now and perhaps set new priorities, based on what you want to experience now? Maybe your life has changed but your priorities are no longer fully congruent with your new life vision?

I wonder what could you choose to commit to 100%, and what would that create for you?

Shine your light and be the change,

love, Kati

On my quest of magical creation, I have found out that there is an actual "magical strategy" on how to prioritize your life in a way that makes the impossible possible. If you want to know more about it and how you can create your life and business with more magic, you are more than welcomed to book a free empowerment session with me. Let's see what else truly is possible for you?

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