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Celebrating Goddess in Every Woman

Goddess is alive and thriving through and as every woman. She is not a distant saint or an archetypal character to connect to, but a living breathing being. She is you, just as you are in all of her beauty and grace. Divine perfection in every wrinkle, fault and disease.

She wants to be free to be the love and contribution she truly is with no limits and no shame. She wants to be seen, heard and loved, just as she is.

Because that is all that matters, in her Universe. It would not exist without her being the one perceiving it.

How do you perceive your Universe?

I have always been driven by freedom and as expansive and graceful it may sound, I was getting it all messed up. Only very recently I realized that I had made freedom mean all kinds of things. Such as total separation from many things. Anything that would require my full commitment or being responsible for some things.

I didn't want a relationship(s), job, money, home, clients, business because all of those things would take away from my total freedom. I believed that those things would somehow limit my choices, tie me down and stop me, make me responsible and imprisoned for life. Which I pretty much ended up doing, imprisoned myself as an "outcast" with my desire for total freedom. I locked myself up.

I know, it is not the only reason I have taken "time-out" from this reality. I really needed it, chose it to contemplate and do the inner work.

And as I am emerging from the cave, I understand how my thoughts about freedom were so much different at the time I entered the cave and how they were also true and right for me then.

What these decisions, of freedom being about me excluding myself from the rest of the world, meant for me was that consciously I would be saying yes to all of the things that I wanted, but unconsciously I'd resist everything that I believed would take away my freedom.

I really had to sit down with it and make a new list for myself what I choose freedom to mean for me now. And it is very much the opposite of what I had somewhere within decided.

It became a very long list, here are some of the ones that feel the most powerful for me.

Freedom is...

... ability to serve and contribute

... ability to be the safe and loving space for all that is

... ability to be connected with all that is

... ability to receive through everything and everyone

... ability to enjoy intimate relationships

... ability to focus energy where I choose

... ability to commit to things that matter to me

... ability to be respons-able in any situation

... ability to see no separation

... ability to change my mind

... ability to joyfully create everything I desire

... ability to choose and take action

... ability to take care of any business that requires it

... ability of being the question, always

I felt the energies shifting for me in a big way for this.

What does freedom mean for you?



PS: I want to celebrate the Goddess in every woman and that is why I have chosen to show all kinds of women in my Magic Quest images. The most amazing thing that has happened to me in this process has been, that the more images of women I have seen, the more I have found myself beginning to see the essence of the beauty of being a woman. It is something that is present in every woman's authenticity and difference. I'm feeling it through my own body.

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