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Creation by Choice

Lately I have become an instant manifestor of everything I ask for and choose, both “the good and the bad.” That has made me think about the importance of expanding our awareness. It really is the only way to freedom and creation by choice.

Becoming more and more aware of all of your thoughts, feelings and actions at all times is the quickest way to true happiness, ease and prosperity.

So are you looking for the solutions from the outside or are you choosing the only true and magical power that exists in your Universe, which is you. You consciously shifting your thoughts, feelings and focus on what you truly want. 

Whenever we want anything we only want it because we believe it will make us feel a certain way when we get it. But we are the ones in charge of how we choose to feel about the things that haven’t yet been created.

We can only be what we want to be right now. There is no future where we can be happier, because it doesn't really exist anywhere but in our imagination. Experiencing true happiness and joy is possible only right now and right here.

Whatever has been or happened in the past really only exists in your memories and there are no rules, outside of your choice, of things having to ever be like they have been in the past. So what are you choosing to be, feel and experience right now?

Life is a reflection of the quality of the questions we put out there. 

What if you asked the Universe:

What do I truly want to choose for me right now?

Show me, what would give me the feelings that I truly desire to experience?

Be Magic, With Love Kati

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