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Freedom Beyond Knowing

Today I had the most beautiful experience about surrendering to the unknown and I'd like to share what came through me.

Many of us know how the so called "awakening" can become a frustrating journey at times. "Why can't I just rip the veil down and see what is really there?"

Many are seeking for clarity and advice from psychics and other mediums who can see further beyond the veils of this reality. We are desperate to know why everything is as it is. We want to know what to do with it and how to change it.

Why are we here? What is our place in this space? How can find our happiness, prosperity and love in this maze of life? We want to know as much as we can, to have a sense of control, because without it, we fear, we are lost and that we never get there. We think, that if only I knew something then things would be different. Sounds pretty logical, right?

But what if the opposite is true?

What if the secret to awakening to the joy, gifts, safety, wisdom and fulfillment of life is in the not knowing?

And I mean by default. That you truly let go of all control, all the dreams bound by the past. All the desire to know.

What would it create for you if you choose to trust all the things that you don't know more than anything that you know? Let me open this up for you a bit.

They say you have to know what you want, but what if you don't have to know, and what if it is always impossible to know what you want for the future that is not bound by the limitations of the past. And what if not knowing is the only way you can ever outcreate the past?

You can not want what you don't yet know and to want that what you already know would be a lie, because you would already have it, if you knew you really wanted it.

The paradox of life is that it seeks for greater and greater fulfillment, but in it's seek it becomes ignorant to the fulfillment that is already present in every moment.

But, what if you became the allowance of being fulfilled with what you can never know? What if that is the key to become a magical creator beyond anything that has been? I have a play for you, so you can experience this, rather than trying to twist your knowing logical mind to understand the magic of this. Start by becoming aware of all the things that you don't know, but would like to know.

For example: You may want to know how you can make more money, bring in the love of your life, create a business, a job, better relationships. Whatever it is for you that you are seeking to find an answer to. Things you been trying to solve or fix, but just don't know how. Include also everything you want to know, not just the things you want to know to manifest more things. Maybe you'd like to know how you can be happy, get out of depression, fear, sadness or pain? Maybe you are seeking for your purpose? Become aware of all those things and then speak to all of them, tell all of them things:

"I don't know this, but I'm willing to trust that I don't know. I'm willing to be fulfilled with not knowing, I'm willing to be grateful for not knowing. Thank you for the not knowing. I choose to trust everything I don't know, more than everything I know. I choose to choose the unknown as my the greatest fulfillment." Just play with this, don't analyze it, just experience what it creates for you.

With this magic, enjoy all that you don't yet know,

Your seek for knowledge is what you're not allowing yourself yet to be.



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