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How to Deal With Difficult People

Most of us have some difficult people in our lives we have to deal with personally or professionally. People with whom things just don't flow with ease and grace. That we don't feel like we are in the same page and it's hard to organize things or communicate with.

I used to get so annoyed with my ex. It was impossible to set up any kind of schedule for our child's holidays in advance. I could never trust what might come up for him. I was always the one who had to be ready for any short notice changes, but it was out of the question that I could ever do the same without a fight. At first I was playing the victim game with it.

But as I learned about magic I stopped trying to fight with him, and instead started asking the Universe. If I can't change this thing, how can it work for me and for all of us? What would it take that this thing would totally be working for me at all times?

What if I get to always have all the time I need for me with total ease? What if she will always be there at the right time? What if I don't ever have to ask for him to take her when I need it?

How can this work for all of us with total ease?

Yesterday, my mom asked me "what's the plan for the summer? When is she going to be at her dad's," and I'm like I don't know. She begins to blame him for us not having a plan. I answered to her, "I'm ok with not having a plan, because I know it will always work out in the best possible way anyway."

She just looked at me and stopped, because my energy was honest. It made me think, that yes I have actually embodied it so much that the idea of having to have to have a plan hadn't even occurred to me. Why would I need a plan if I have chosen that "the plan" is that it will always be perfect.

I have learned to trust, because magic has proven itself for me so many times.

If I need a change of plans, he is the one calling me about them these days.

If you have something similar going on with someone, stop fighting with the outside and instead choose what you want for you and ask how is this going to work the best for me and for all?

Your Universe has infinite organizing power.

Don't be a victim, complain or blame others. They have no real power over your life.

What would you choose for you?

I wonder what it would take for it always to work for you with total ease and grace?

Be magic,

Love Kati

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