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Pride Yourself on What You Are

June is the Pride month of the year and I'm so happy that there are people who are truly working hands on changing this world towards a better place for all of us. But, how many of us truly feel that pride for ourselves being here, alive and making an impact to all that is just by the difference of our being.

Thinking about this and the thoughts I have had about motivation lately made me see something today. The importance of having pride for our own personal dreams. I don't seem to get motivated by the things this world is teaching us to be motivated by, yet how many times in some level I have tried to fit in, even with my dreams. Waiting for my dreams to be validated, accepted, understood or approved by something or someone else, before I can even think of taking actions.

But there is no one here who's job is to understand us but ourselves. We are the only ones who have to understand and accept ourselves and our dreams.

The more we step outside the box, the more resistance it causes within the people around us. What often happens is, that we start really motivated and excited, but as we feel that no one is there to support us and our expansion to the next level, we start losing the momentum. We try to fit our being into those fears of others and somehow shrink back.

If the ones "who were meant to be" there for us forever don't believe in us or accept us, then who does?

This is one of the most common reason that keeps us from reaching our dreams. "For what are our dreams for if we don't get to share it with the people who we love the most? "

It is the inevitable loss of something as we expand. It's just the little funny fact of life, that we can not change and stay the same.

Unfortunately that is what we do, we lock our love into unchangeable forms that we can then keep on loving safely. That is also what we do with ourselves and our dreams, we hide and lock the infinite being into a locker, usually build by other people.

What would it create for you if you connected with your own dreams daily and what if you allowed yourself to have pride on your dreams even if they were completely different than anyone else's?

What would it be to respect, love and honour your dreams and your being no matter how crazy it seems for the rest of the world. What if no one else really needs to understand you, but when you do, "the others" will join your understanding of you.

What if understanding who you are is the only way for you to understand anyone else?

We all are one, afterall.

What if your lack of motivation only comes from trying to have the same dream as other people?

What if the difference you are can not be understood by anyone else but you, and what if that is the purpose and the ultimate motivator of your life?

Have you ever allowed yourself to become aware how different you truly are and what a gift it really is for all?

What truly motivates you?

Have pride on yourself and be the magic you truly are,


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1 Comment

Ingrid M
Ingrid M
Sep 27, 2021

Nice blog thaanks for posting

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