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Rebels of Love – The Magical Map To Your Purpose

Here, take this magical map, it contains all you could ever need to fulfilling the purpose of your life. You don't have to think about anything anymore, just follow the instructions and you will reach your destination, and in no time you will be living your dreams.

Wouldn't that be great? Have you ever wished someone would just come in and guide you out of the unknown territory of confusion and hand you a map of all the how's. Maybe you have even paid someone who said they'd take you there.

I wish I could say that I can give you that map, but that is something that only you can do and be.

Have you ever felt annoyed, jealous and even angry, when you look around you and it seems so unfair how for some it seems to be so easy to discover the purpose of their lives. How some were born with such gifts that it is just easy and simple to play, have fun, create, like children and make a lot of money having fun.

Then there is the rest of us, the outcasts, the rebels the ones even with plenty of skills and unique talents or with no such talents that seem to fit in anywhere in this world. After a good amount of trying and fighting for our space in this place often comes a time when it all explodes in one way or another.

The reality responds to our fighting and punches us with an iron fist. Time stops, we know it's over. There is no more fighting, because there is nothing to fight with or for. There is the emptiness, exhaustion, tiredness, loneliness, sadness, madness. It is between you and God alone.

The best part, there really is nothing to lose anymore.

That is the time the spirit awakens to the question, what is it that I am truly here for? That is also the time when we reach to the teacher, to the guides, to the solutions. We want someone to give us the answers right now. We desperately grasp to the seeming life lines, filled with promises of heaven on earth.

The rebel steps into the heroines path. For a moment there is a seeming clarity a sense of new hope in the unknown.

But the fall is evident, because the rebels heart is powerful. She came here to be free, truly free. She did not come to follow the steps of others. Within she knows that too.

As long as we are seeking anything from "the outside" we are still in the fight mode. As long as we are seeking for the purpose of our lives the further away from it we keep drifting.

Because this world can not give us something that we already have. It is impossible.

Have you done it, changed your scenery, friends, partner, jobs, career? Are you trying to get yourself the bigger house, the better husband, the better job, the smarter business, the dream life, so you can finally live on your purpose, serve more people and be happy?

Who wouldn't want to go for those things, right? Truth is there is nothing wrong with those things and if those things really would be of importance for you, you'd have it all already.

Why can I say this, because I know what it is like to be a rebel.

Just think about it, has money ever been the top priority of your life, have you focused all of your energy in studying money, the finances, investing and business. Have you committed your life into generating more money? If you would have, you'd already be living in another kind of financial reality.

Why you haven't done it, or why you have failed in it, is because you know there is more to life, more to you. You came here to help and to be of a greater contribution.

But why is that not working either you may be wondering? It seems to be working for others, why isn't it working for me? Despite of my great intentions of being in service, no one is willing to receive my help.

Because you are still fighting, the rebel wants to change things, the world, the people, you. She wants to help others out of their misery. She is still stuck in the wheel of polarities. Trying to get somewhere better. Trying to teach instead of being the student of the truth.

She is identifying herself through many outside things. She is identifying herself through her work, her business. She thinks her business needs to be about her or it is not genuine or authentic. That is what we hear a lot, that is what I have been talking about. But business is just business, no matter what the purpose of it is, no matter how authentic it may be in its appearance. It is here to serve people including yourself.

Your purpose is beyond the services you could ever offer. Your purpose is now. It is not in the future of your business or the arrival to your dream life. It simply is now.

This is the rebels heart. It won't leave you in peace until you see the truth you want to see. It won't allow you to settle for a life of lies. It won't stop or give up even if you did. She knows that she is the life, the change and she knows the only one she is here to help is herself.

That is the only way she knows the true abundance of her happiness is possible. Rebel is never stupid, even if she felt like that. She is smart, she is the heroine after all and she will save herself from the illusions of this reality. And why is that for sure, because she makes it so. She is brave and bruised and she goes there where no one else has gone before. For the awakened being there is nothing to change and no one to help, not even the self.

As long as there is the "if", that is as long as the rebel will fight. For the rebel "if" means no, no we are not there yet. As long as there is the "if I get the clients", "if I get this thing working" then I'll be happy. "If I get the man of my dreams" then I'll be in heaven.

She is determined to get to the truth and once that happens the heroine is born.

But why is it then working for others, you still may be wondering? Because they have realized that they can serve and teach and be of contribution without it being the means to an end, without it being the primary purpose of their lives. It is just a service they are good in providing. It is not about the what but about the why. If you think it is "working" for others you already reveal your own attachments to the idea of the outside being the the source of your happiness or abundance.