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Stop Being Poor

When I was a kid I used to have an aunt who called me a poor little thing, you should eat something so you grow up. It was her way of showing her affection. There were others who did that too, " you should eat more to get some flesh to your bones". Well, I couldn't be more grateful for those things. I do believe I have never had a weight problem because I was raised with the thought, I can eat anything and I'll always be thin.

I bet the opposite is happening for many people who are struggling with their weight. Constant reminding of you can't eat too much sweets or you'll get fat. But that is the way we subconsciously develop our personal maps of our reality.

We either accept and agree or resist what we have been told. It can be very subtle but one way or another we grow up to be as we are as a result of where we have been and what we have experienced. There is no way of denying it. But it is also why we are here in the first place, to be the next more evolved step of human.

How much of our true freedom and choice we are able to reach in this life time is up to us. How willing we are to focus on our freedom and mission. We all are in that same mission whether we are aware of it or not. The more aware we become the more of our mission we fulfill in each moment.

There really is only one mission for all and that is the evolution of consciousness. The more we embrace our awakening the more freedom we experience in our lives.

Whatever the problem for us is and wherever we blame another for it we have the ability to release it. No one else can do it for us. I hear a lot of blaming for the 1%, that practically owns this world. But is that 1% in anyway happier in their personal lives? Does that 1% help their kids to survive when there is no clean water or air on this planet? Does that 1% bring happiness when money no longer has value for sustaining life on earth? Are they, in truth, capable of taking a choice of an infinite being away?

Do "they" really have power over your happiness and what that means for you? Whatever "they" means for you. Can they stop us for making different choices? Are we allowing them to stop us sustaining the life on earth? What kind of reality and world would you like to create? Is it really money that is required to make the changes around here?

Have you ever even asked what amount of money could you receive to make real changes in the world?

Have you ever asked what what would you do with the money or would you just want to be more comfortable?

The first step to making any changes is to accept that we are 100% responsible of the creation of our lives. That there is no outside circumstance or instance that can over-power our freedom as an infinite being with infinite resources. It is our responsibility to stop being defined by the outside circumstances. To stop being victims of the economy, political circumstances, our family history, failed relationships, our star signs, and whatever we have defined as the enemy or the cause of our suffering or the suffering of others.

It doesn't mean that the suffering is not real, that there are no instances that are treating people with disrespect, that there aren't people who are taking advantage of others. It doesn't mean that we become blind to the things that are not acceptable for us. It means that we take our own power back from being a victim.

A victim cannot be the change this world requires. The war is within and it is not won by blame, guilt or fear. Only love can win the war within.

You can observe yourself and see if you find yourself in any kind of blaming. Blaming another person, or any outside instance of your suffering. If you are, then there is work to be done for your personal freedom. Because it is only after you have won the enemy within that you are capable of actually changing the the outside world. We can only ever change ourselves, but once we do we invite others into becoming more empowered.

In my personal life I have been in many spaces that others would perceive as sad or poor and unbearable. I have seen people who have been in exactly the same place or time in their lives and gone into very deep depression and have given their power to the circumstances. And yes, I have had some very hard times in my life, yet I have always found a way. Even in the darkest hour I have never given up my hope and trust that everything is going to be alright.

This has made me wonder, why am I always doing fairly good and even great, when supposedly I should be in the exact same circumstance as someone else who is suffering greatly for their finances for example.

Why can I get by with ease, and why are they suffering, when the circumstances are the same on paper?

I think the main reason for me is that I have never lost the connection to that greater power of the Universe. Some people may call it God, but for me the word God is limiting in some way as I like to think that everything is God, so it just makes more sense to me to call it the Universe.

Not that it matters what we call it. Life in itself is a great word. I like the more impersonal words, because those make it more real for me, as for me life is in all material and immaterial things. After having had the experiences of being one with everything, including tables and chairs it just makes more sense to me. Everything is a part of one consciousness, one life and it is all energy.

What this connection has given me is always the question. Well things are like this right now, what can I do now? How is this working for me? What is possible now? Instead of falling into the misery I have asked and prayed, I have been willing to know what is possible in every situation. I have focused my energy into finding the possibilities of the changes.

I have also seen many people focusing on finding the causes, who to blame and fight with to get it right and I have seen them suffering.

We can not change the reality by fighting it, the first rule of magic is never to fight the circumstances.

Things are what they are. We don't need to make them pretty either. Because sometimes they really are not that pretty. Accepting life as it is, whether we like it or not, is the beginning of real change.

What does that mean in practical level?

It means we deal with whatever emotional space it is taking us into and be present to our pain, sadness, anger or even rage. All of us have the capacity to be present for our pain and the ability to heal it and release it from our bodies and being. We just don't possibly know how it is done, and that is something I can help people with, as I have learned different techniques and healing methods to really be able to move our deep wounds if and when we are ready and willing to let them go.

But what helps the most is that we are willing to connect more deeply with ourselves and our true being in whatever way works for us, because as our awareness expands and we reach higher frequencies of our being.

The old problems dissolve on the way as we become aware of what they really were about.

Now, you may wonder how would that solve my very real problems with money for example?

Firstly, you have to become aware of the nature of this reality. It is not solid and there are no other rules than, we get what we put out there.

We don'get what we want, we get what we are. The reality is constantly shifting to match our frequency of being.

The more we want the more we keep wanting instead of having. The more we fight the more fight we generate. To fight means that we have to create the thing to fight with into existence. When we no longer fight we generate new possibilities for us. When we no longer want and focus our energy in generating what we want, we become it.

Money is just an energy like everything else.

Money or the lack of it is not causing your suffering. Your suffering is causing your suffering.

To clear the emotional space you keep repeating with money or something else in your life is the magical key to changes. And in truth it is not even about clearing or healing anything it is just about you receiving the truth of the love that willing to be birthed through your experience.

But most of the time we believe it is easier to blame something else, like not having money for our problems, because we fear facing the deeply buried emotional wounding of ourselves. We rather be poor than go through it. But there are ways to be present and go through it in a way that doesn't mean dwelling in the unbearable pains of our past.

So to stop being poor really is something we all can do, by giving ourselves a chance to step out of the box and taking the responsibility of our own space of being. And that space is formed by our habitual thoughts, feelings and actions.

When we practice changing our thoughts and become aware of our reactions and what is driving our actions our reality begins to shift little by little and sometimes even miraculously.

There is one superpower we all have at hand right now that can change everything for us and that is gratitude. Gratitude is a pure space of unconditional love. The more we practice being grateful for everything that we have, the more reasons to be grateful we start noticing and having. So the simplest and easiest way to change your life is to practice gratitude for all that you have and even for all that you don't have.

The other more magical way to deal with whatever we think is missing is to ask for it.

Stop wanting it and just ask for it and it will show up for you.

Just be willing to receive it from outside the box of your current reality.

And if you ever find yourself blaming any system outside of you just ask, what would it take for all the systems, including the systems of money to always work for me? What if all the systems, technology, laws, banks and whatever comes to your mind would always work for you with total ease and better than you could ever even imagine or even believe to be true?

What if you could choose that for you?

When I asked this question I've witnessed even some funny things, that have led things always working for me better than I could have even imagined.

This life isn't about the things we want, it is about us being the gift that only we can be for all. The greatest gift anyone can be for all is their personal awakening.

We often start the journey of personal development as a result of some misfortune, lack or pain in our lives and eventually come to a turning point where we start seeing the greater perspective, and the reasons we got into the path become less relevant. We become the channels of greater truth for ourselves and others and often find ourselves suddenly having all the things we have wanted before with total ease, yet they don't seem so significant anymore in the light of our expanded awareness.

We become magically abundant in our own lives, yet our perspective shifts more and more towards the unity consciousness and we find the innate love and kindness for all life becoming more valuable than any of our personal possessions.

I was meant to write about something else, but ended up with this long blurt. Hope it is helpful for someone.

Be magic with love,


PS: I'm always open for free empowerment sessions. So please don't hesitate to book a meeting with me if you're into discovering your more magical life. You don't need to be alone on this journey, we all need some real support:

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