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There is No Competition

Happy Pride Month to Everyone!

I wanted to write about competition today, because by the looks of it the world appears to be in somewhat chaos and one thing that contributes to this "war" seems to be the illusion of competition. How some people having something is away from some other people from having something. That is one form of poverty consciousness this world is portraying these days.

How can an infinite being with infinite choices and resources available at all times, be concerned what anyone else chooses for themselves?

If people would truly know how powerful creators and receivers we are, and that there is abundance of anything we could ever desire already been created for us. And that it is available for anyone just by asking, would we still spend time in fighting others for what is our birthright?

That would be just silly. And all it would really take would be to focus on knowing that and being that, which we truly are. But instead people choose to spend their energy and efforts in fighting, which by law keeps creating more of it.

We all have equal choice of choosing how we feel right now and that is what creates the experiences of our lives. We all have equal choice of believing what we choose to believe in. We all have equal choices of what questions we are asking and what thoughts we focus our energy on.

Anything can change for anyone.

By competing you just make yourself a victim of the circumstances and step further away from your own power to choose for you. Those who are racists are very far from owning their own power and just end up generating more and more poverty consciousness for themselves with their own choice. Universe has no choice but to bring in more and more experiences that represent the energies of lack and hatred they choose for them. It's not personal it's how nature works.

It would only take a month for anyone to turn their reality around and change things, if people would start focusing on what they want and stopped giving energy and attention to the things they don't want. But because it sounds unbelievable very few will ever even try it. It's not that easy to stay focused, when we've been conditioned for decades. But it is possible and it is possible for anyone.

What if you knew that anytime you spend time focusing on what you don't want you create more of it. Would you stop it if you knew that your whole life could change in a month for the better?

How would you feel, if life was just perfect for you right now?

Would you choose to be that space for you right now and focus your energy on that, or would you spend your time in the space of your life not being perfect right now?

There is no perfection you one day arrive to.

Every choice, every question, every experience generates new possibilities, new desires and new choices.

How much ease could you receive, if you knew you don't have to drive for perfection, or that whatever you choose for now, doesn't mean that you can always change your mind?

What if you would never have to worry for what anyone else chooses for themselves and what if nothing of what you choose could ever be away from anyone else?

There is only one evolution going on, even if in this realm of polarities it may seem that there is a lot of good and bad in the world, but all of it is working for one cause and that is the evolution of consciousness. The roles we play in some steps of it are parts of a bigger whole.

We can never know what the sacred path of another really is.

There is no separation and there is no death, no accidents, just ever unfolding variety of experiences that personally and collectively drive us to more and more expanded awareness.

What awareness do you choose to be for you and for this world right now?

Be Magic,

Love Kati

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