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There is no Self to Love, But All Love to Be

We often think that self-love means loving the fictional character of the story of our lives. We as personalities are nothing but a sum of our memories and experiences and the beliefs we have bought as real about us or this world. The more of the definitions we are able to let go of, the more freedom we can become to that love that we are actually made of, naturally, effortlessly.

They say that we can only ever truly love another if we love ourselves, but it works both ways when there is no separation of the self or the other.

The more we practice to see the oneness in our everyday life, with everyone and everything that comes to our way, the more we awaken to that one force of life that we all are made of and the more we become that love that we are seeking.

Shifting our focus from taking things personally into the oneness and to our contribution to the whole allows you to receive yourself in a higher level of union. When we see no separation with “the other” we have arrived home and feel safe and loved where ever we are regardless of the circumstances.

If we think of it from the perspective of oneness, and see that everyone else is just taking parts in the play of our consciousness, through the infinite kindness and love of the one life force that is working as and through all of us. From that perspective, we can only ever react or have judgements about someone if we in some subconscious level hold that same judgement true about ourselves.

That is why everyone you notice yourself judging, is actually you, having a conversation with yourself about the judgements you are still holding on to. It may take a while to embody this, but as you practice letting go of your judgements you will see magical sometimes even miraculous shifts in your reality and people around you.

Can you see what it could create for you if you became the space of total unconditional love for that kindness, that one, that calls in all the actors to respond to your play?

That is when you become one with the flow of life and totally magical creator of anything you choose. Because then everything is here eagerly responding to your love in an ever expanding cycle. That is when you have embodied self-love.

Love, Kati

If you want to fully embrace the the magic of you, please don't hesitate to book an appointment with me. Let's see what else could be possible for you and if I could be of help on your journey to your personal freedom. Book here, it's free and it's empowering:

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